Xbox Series X is the most criticized game console in the world

Bug issues, meme-worthy design, and supply chain issues are bogging down Microsoft’s three current Xbox Series entries in complaints on Twitter.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series entries take the top three spots for the most criticized game consoles on Twitter.

A recent study by Electronics Hub looked at tweets from around the world to determine the most criticized tech products on Twitter. The study, published on January 31 this year but conducted in November 2021, found that Xbox systems elicit the most ire from gamers. The top three slots went to Xbox Series X (12.5%), Xbox One (12.1%) and Xbox Series S (9.8%). The PlayStation 4 came last, with just 0.5% of tweets about the system expressing dissatisfaction. This fact could lend itself to Sony’s decision to continue producing the PlayStation 4 Pro alongside the PlayStation 5, with the latter coming in just behind the Xbox Series S with 9.7%.

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Electronic Hub noted that the majority of complaints about the Series X came from gamers unable to get their hands on it. Others criticized the console’s design, comparing the Series X to a mini-fridge, while others expressed frustration at how difficult it was to get the Microsoft-produced Series X Fridge spin-off following. critics. However, Electronic Hub theorizes that much of the anger directed at the Series X stems from bug issues disrupting the use of wireless controllers and headphones with the system.

Electronics Hub determined these numbers by first compiling a list of the world’s most popular and best-selling technology products, by going to sites such as TechRadar and Forbes. From there, they used the Twitter API to collect tweets mentioning one of their study’s products. Finally, Electronics Hub has built a complaint detection tool on GitHub that determines the chances of a tweet being a complaint. In total, they reviewed 344,105 tweets.

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Notably, very few of the complaints found in the study stemmed from problems with game consoles. “Gamers will hate it – but not on their consoles,” boasted Electronic Hub in their analysis of the study. Home smart devices, cellphones, headphones and laptops made up the vast majority of complaints, with home smart devices making up eight of the top 20 most criticized devices. The cameras came last.

This study comes after a difficult year for the production of new game consoles due to supply chain problems. While Sony continues to manufacture the PlayStation 4 Pro following production issues with its latest model, Microsoft has laid the cards on the table for the Series X|S despite a huge surge in Xbox One sales following the Series X|S ‘ launch.

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Source: Electronic Hub

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