Xbox Indie Spotlight: Harvest Days

Harvest Days first grabs your attention with its bright and colorful art style – it promises to be a combination of farming simulation and life simulation, with you working to restore your farm and live peacefully alongside nature in the countryside tranquility of Duda’s Village. We reached out to the Harvest Days team for more information on Harvest Days, with Family Devs CEO Pau De La Cruz and Toplitz Productions PR and Marketing Manuel Wilding kindly answering our questions.

What are harvest days?

Harvest Days is an open-world game that mixes elements of farming simulations and life simulations as you work your farm in the peace of a rural community. It is in development by Family Devs and published by Toplitz Productions.

When does Harvest Days launch?

Harvest Days will launch in Steam Early Access on May 12, with the full 1.0 version releasing for consoles in Q4 2022.

harvest days

What is it about?

Harvest Days takes you from the chaos of an urban life to the peace and quiet of a country life. “Harvest Days is a classic farming game at first glance, but of course there is much more to discover and do than just work on the farm,” explain De La Cruz and Wilding. “As you become familiar with the history of the village, you will find that events in the past caused people to move away from it. So the mayor took action and offered a free abandoned space in exchange of the repopulation of the village of Duda.After establishing a profitable farm, you can buy plots and build houses on them so that more people can settle in this beautiful place and reward you with rent regularly.

How does Harvest Days play?

You have a lot to do in Harvest Days – farming, harvesting, trading, caring for your animals, collecting resources and building, but Harvest Days also encourages you to relax in your new life as a farmer, alternating farm work with exploration. , fish and chat with your neighbors. “Besides farming and exploring the beautiful village with its different biomes, you can follow your fishing hobby, take care of your pets and walk with them, talk with all the different inhabitants, hang out at Kiko´s Bar, reveal the mysteries behind a locked door, or visit the great hall of the founder of the village of Duda”, explain De La Cruz and Wilding. “The first thing you do in the morning should be to watering your crops, taking care of your fields and harvesting the ones that are ready. After that, you can gather resources like wood, stone, berries or other things you need. You might help some other villagers or expand your farm by building a barn for animals, etc. To end your hard day, you can go to the pier and enjoy the sunset during a relaxing fishing trip before going you go to bed.”

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So what is the Harvest Days team looking forward to most from players when Harvest Days launches? “I’m especially excited to hear how people approach their new life and what part they focus on at the start; whether they start by improving their farm, exploring the area, or immediately start making friends by helping others,” we are told.

What does the world look like?

“Duda’s Village is a relatively small town, but the surrounding area is full of places to explore,” De La Cruz and Wilding explain. “For example, a beautiful beach, the mighty waterfall on the mountainside, a dark mine with gems, a swamp hidden in thick fog, and of course other farms from some of the other villagers.”

Harvest Days features an eye-catching, bright and colorful art style. “The Harvest Days game was influenced by well-known titles like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, which are known for their simplistic yet playful looks,” De La Cruz and Wilding begin. “Those were also criteria for Harvest Days, but also to stand out from other counterparts. So the low-poly suited the decor perfectly, with the same simplicity but still a colorful appearance.

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Any news of Harvest Days accomplishments?

We don’t have the achievements of Harvest Days yet, but De La Cruz and Wilding have given us some clues as to what to expect. “Without giving away too much of the various achievements that players are rewarded with, there will be some for different aspects of the game – classic achievements like how many trees you’ve cut, or stone mined, fish caught, but also more player-specific; how often do you go to bed early or how often did you overexert yourself? We’ll be sure to let you know when we’re done with the achievements!

So what do you think? Will you be checking out Harvest Days when it launches later this year? Let us know in the comments!