Why Many Elden Ring Players Can’t Beat The Game’s First Major Boss

Bosses in any FromSoftware title are easily the toughest obstacles in games, as well as the biggest draws for the majority of the developer’s longtime fans. This continued to be the case for Ring of Eldenthough one of the game’s first major bosses became a major obstacle, with some fans reaching absurd levels before facing FromSoftware’s first boss.

According to Steam Achievements and PlayStation Trophies, a surprising number of players still haven’t managed to defeat Margit the Fell Omen, the first boss that opens the first major dungeon in Ring of Elden. However, there may be more truth behind players’ inability to get through Stormveil Castle and its first boss Margit.


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elden ring margit the fallen omen first boss

As of this writing, the number of players who have beaten first boss Margit is currently hovering around two-thirds of players, according to Ring of Elden‘s Trophy and achievement statistics. This means that nearly a third of players who purchased the game and logged in long enough to be registered among the player base either failed to reach the boss or were unable to beat it. Even with online strategy guides and fellow players to aid them, a large chunk of early gamers haven’t been able to crack this boss in the last few weeks the game has been released.

The boss itself is one of the toughest in FromSoftware’s history, especially when it comes to such an early section of the game, standing on terrain similar to the high wall of Lothric from dark souls 3 or Central Yharnam in transmitted by blood. It’s not entirely strange that players get stuck on the first insurmountable force that some players have won with expert dodging and perfectly timed shots. Ring of Elden. However, that’s not entirely uncommon for similar games from the developer, with two-thirds wins actually standing out as a higher percentage than several of these brutally difficult titles.

Most Gamers Don’t Beat FromSoftware’s Games


Looking again at the trophy and achievement percentages, that one-third number for the number of players who didn’t beat the first boss Margit isn’t uncommon, nor is it the worst record for the developer. In fact, the most recent FromSoftware title before Ring of Elden has an even lower wipe rate for PlayStation and Steam. This means that years later, a large part of Chopped players still haven’t managed to defeat the first big boss Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa before even arriving at Ashina Castle.

With an even greater disparity between players who have and haven’t beaten early bosses is Transmitted by blood; which has two bosses that could fit the “first hurdle” description depending on which path the player takes. Either way, Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne, less than half of all players on PlayStation, the only console the game was released for, actually managed to win the Victory Trophy. This means that almost half of the players have never even made it to the fake entrance of transmitted by blood‘s Healing Church, or the back road through the sewers.

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What makes the Elden Ring margin so difficult


Even though the first boss being a major stopping point for FromSoftware game players is nothing new, Margit the Fell Omen stands as a staggering wall for longtime fans and newbies alike to join. Ring of Elden. Margit is a brutally tough foe who caps off the first section of the open world with a surprising siege on the castle front, as well as her own combat. He has an incredibly fast moveset that can string together back-to-back combos in order to keep players on their toes or take them down.

For anyone still struggling against the boss, Game Rant’s guide to beating Ring of Elden‘s Margit gives a deep dive on her combos and the best times to punish her openings. Some good suggestions to add might be to ask for help if needed, find some of Limgrave’s secrets, or even head to the Weeping Peninsula for additional Holy Tears and Runes to level up. Thing is, Margit can easily take down an unprepared player and might need to leave and come back stronger in order to stand a chance against her spectral weapons and quick combos.

Players could still explore

map of limgrave in the ring of elden

As mentioned earlier with the pseudo open world that Ring of Elden Needless to say, there’s plenty for players to find in Limgrave, the game’s opening area. Players can challenge the Sentinel Tree just outside the first stage of Grace’s View, hunt down the Wondrous Physick to the east or return to Elleh’s Church for the Spirit Calling Bell. Additionally, if the player continues to find and rest at enough Grace Sites, the helpful NPC Melina can take them to Roundtable Hold.

The thing is, there’s a ton to do before you reach Margit, and in the hours it takes to fully inspect Limgrave’s starting area, some players might still find their way through this space. Oftentimes, exploring might even reward players with new weapons and other useful treasures that might make fighting Margit much easier thanks to some of the Ring of Eldenthe strongest structures. Besides all there is to explore before Margit, the boss technically doesn’t even have to be the first major obstacle, as all of Stormveil Castle can actually be skipped.

Exploring Stormveil Castle Early

Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lakes
An Elden Ring player riding Torrent through the Liurnia of the Lakes region.

An interesting part of the open field style of Ring of Elden is that while many areas appear to be cut off until players defeat specific bosses in a predetermined order of operations, nearly all dungeons can be skipped. This includes Stormveil Castle, of which Margit acts as guard, with the dumpster easily accessible by following an easy path to the east side of the castle walls. So, more explorer players may have completely ignored Margit, either intentionally because the boss was too difficult, or by accident after finding the new path.

All in all, the reason nearly a third of players still haven’t been able to defeat Margit comes down to one major factor. That being the case, Margit is extremely tough and quickly tests the player’s ability to keep fighting what could easily be FromSoftware’s toughest game to date. There are some great resources to help players get through Ring of Eldenit’s the start of the game, however. So, players should do themselves a favor of struggling through difficulty to find one of the best worlds and some of the best bosses the developer has created.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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