There’s nothing quite like tearing things down in Teardown

Do you remember the first time you demolished a house in Red Faction: Guerrilla? It was like the start of something new. The beginning of an era of games that would be more tangible, more physical and more fragile than ever. Of course, that didn’t happen. Games have largely focused on creating even brighter static scenes with crisper textures and ray-traced lighting. But thanks to a small Swedish developer, we have a window into this delightfully destructive alternate world – and believe me when I say Teardown’s window breaks just fine.

At its core, Teardown is a heist game. Each new mission gives you a series of computers to steal, safes to hack, or cars to dive into the ocean, challenging you to use a limited set of tools to smash your way into crime perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun little challenge – but it’s not why I’ve opened Teardown almost every day for the past year.