The long-lost prototype of the Shelby GT500 was found in a field and fully restored

There’s a lot of crazy history behind the Ford Mustang. Apparently the stories never end. However, these stories start to get crazier when you add racing legend Carroll Shelby into the mix. Shelby was responsible for the most powerful and fastest Mustangs of the 1960s. He was also instrumental in Ford’s dominance over Ferrari with the GT40 program. However, one of the most iconic vehicles linked to the Carroll Shelby name is undoubtedly the Ford GT500. While a regular GT500 is rare on its own, few are rarer than “Little Red”, the GT500 prototype that disappeared for 50 years.

Little Red was left to rot in a field in Texas

Little Red Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 prototype sitting in a field in Texas

Little Red at Texas Field | Ford

According to Ford, Little Red is one of only two Mustang hatchbacks to ever bear the Shelby name. The other is known as “The Green Hornet”. Both cars belong to Craig Jackson, president and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auctions.