The Last of Us Set video reveals a first look at the show’s hunters

New set footage from HBO’s upcoming zombie-infected series The Last of Us gives fans their first look at the show’s version of the vicious Hunters.

New footage from the upcoming HBO horror series The last of us reveals the first look at the show’s version of the vicious gang of hunters. Based on the award-winning Naughty Dog game of the same name, the new show centers on Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), a hardened survivor who must travel across a zombie-infected United States to rescue teenage Ellie (Bella Ramsey). born after the apocalypse, at the headquarters of a militant revolutionary faction known as The Fireflies. There, the two hope to find a way to use Ellie’s natural immunity against the world-ending infection to create a cure.

During Joel and Ellie’s journey in the original 2013 video game, the two are forced to pass through the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is where the duo are ambushed by a group of Hunters, a ruthless gang that lures unsuspecting survivors into the city to steal their supplies. Joel and Ellie encounter Henry and Sam, stragglers from a previously attacked group, who are in hiding as they seek a safe way out of town.


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Recent shooting images shared by @TheLastofUsTV gives fans a first look at the Hunters in the upcoming HBO adaptation The last of us. The video shows a clear shot of the hunter, with a distressed and dirty cabinet, as he fires his rifle from behind the bed of a pickup truck covered in moss and rust. The actor takes aim at his target before he falls to his knees, seemingly shot by an unseen assailant. While there will be no blood or muzzle flashes from the bolt-action rifle, these effects will most likely be added by a visual effects team during post-production. Check out the new set video below.

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film for The last of us began in Canada in July 2021, with story details kept under wraps. But due to the production being filmed in actual locations instead of studio warehouses laden with blue and green screens, images of the dressed-up sets have flooded social media. Recently, new videos and images were shared of the action-packed ambush, showing Joel coming under fire as he drove down a lonely street in a truck before crashing into a laundromat.

The new hunter footage provides another example of the upcoming series’ attempt to somewhat faithfully adapt the iconic video game. In addition to the Hunters look, Pedro Pascal was seen wearing a wardrobe that matches his character’s, as well as Bella Ramsey wearing Ellie’s burgundy shirt. Even the ambush scene has Joel driving a blue and white van that almost matches the same one Joel took from Bill earlier in the story. But there would have been seemingly significant changes from game to game. Recent set footage has revealed that a new location, Kansas City, will replace Pittsburgh in The last of us. Also, a casting call revealed that Sam’s character is now deaf, a detail that was not in the original game. Maintain the look and feel of The last of us similar to that of the game should delight old fans due to its familiarity, but changing some details makes the show feel fresh and will also keep viewers on their toes.

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