The coolest concept car in the world: the hydrogen-powered Matador MH2

We must have all heard of hydrogen cars at this point, so it’s not much when another is announced, is it? Wrong! One look at this incredible Slovak beauty was enough for us to fall in love. Further revelations have only made things more certain – the Matador MH2 is the future we want to see on the road.

But wait, why are we all the hype about a new car? If you don’t know Matador, we are talking about a Slovak company that has been around since 1905 and has made significant contributions to the automotive industry. Although Matador wasn’t the first to introduce the hydrogen car, it certainly got the most attention with the MH2 at Expo Dubai. Why? Because it’s a standout sports car that looks great and speaks the language of pure performance.

Okay, you already know we love the Matador MH2, but we aim to explain why. In this article, you’ll learn more about this unique hydrogen-powered supercar and find out our reasons for praising it so much. In the end, you will surely join us in praising it.

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The Matador MH2 brings new visions to the automotive industry

The rear view of MH2 Matador.
Street: Matador

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) run on hydrogen and use an alternative fuel for power. In these vehicles, the power comes from the conversion of the chemical energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy. As a result, there are no emissions and FCEVs are even more durable than EVs.

Matador has developed its MH2 Hydrogen supercar in partnership with Slovak University TUKE. The academic and private sectors worked together to create a concept car for the future. The MH2 is powered by a unique hydrogen propulsion system, which not only eliminates emissions, but requires no charging network. According to the developers, the MH2 could be filled with hydrogen as quickly as traditional cars.

The engine of the Matador MH2.
Street: Matador

According to Matador management, the MH2 is Slovakia’s first concept hydrogen car and shows how future technologies can change the automotive industry. Although not yet a fully functional prototype, the Matador MH2 looks pretty ready to see the world.

We saw Supercar Blondie exploring the MH2 on the Matador pavilion at Expo Dubai just a few days ago. She was also interested in the technology and asked the Matador group manager if this concept car had a motor that could be used. He replied that the technology most certainly works, but that it still needs to be developed before it sees the light of day. We can say that we are looking forward to their testing being completed and seeing this beauty on the road.

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We can’t get enough of the MH2’s athletic design

The MH2 Matador coming out of the garage.
Street: Matador

Now let’s dive into the most exciting thing about the Matador MH2 – its design. Undoubtedly, this supercar grabs all the attention with its athletic bodywork. The MH2 tapers in the center of the body and leans forward like a true sprint athlete ready for a race. This should boost its performance on the road, along with the overall low-profile design and aero-focused components (have you seen those wheels?).

Details of the MH2 Matador wheel.
Street: Matador

But what we love about this car is that everything is different and detailed to perfection. First and foremost, the front windshield runs right through the body, covering the MH2 so much in glass that you can see the road from inside! Second, the side mirrors are real cameras, and the front and rear lights are made up of crystals that flash in several attractive modes.

The same unique styling can be seen from inside the car. The MH2 offers a clean, elegant and rich interior that is somewhat reminiscent of the games room. If Matador pulls all the design out of this concept car, we’re more than confident the MH2 will be an amazing ride.

The Matador MH2 promises impressive specs and breakthrough technology with zero emissions

The MH2 Matador side camera.
Street: Matador

We wouldn’t do the Matador MH2 justice without adding a few sentences about its expected specs. Now the MH2 hydrogen supercar is clearly aiming to have a timeless design when it reaches the public, and that wouldn’t be possible without some impressive specs.

The Matador MH2 should pack around 600 horsepower, and we repeat – zero emissions. It should develop a top speed of around 155 mph and hit 62 mph in four seconds. It’s something to look forward to, and we don’t doubt the MH2 at all, given its stunning aerodynamic design.

The interior of the MH2 Matador.
Street: Matador

While we could spend a lot more time talking about this great concept car, we’ll have to wait and see what new facts the future brings. For now, one thing is certain: the Matador MH2 promises a lot in terms of design, power and performance. As it is, this hydrogen car is a real athlete that combines the latest technologies with the vision of tomorrow. If we had a saying in the future of super cars, we’d like them all to end up looking as good as the Matador MH2.

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