The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance is getting a huge update, here are the full patch notes

Image: Nicalis

Nicalis, Inc. has announced that The Binding of Isaac: Repentance has received a huge new update, bringing the DLC in line with the PC version of the game.

Version 1.78 brings a plethora of gameplay changes, which we know you can’t wait to experience. With that in mind, we’ll just let the list speak for itself:

– “Something scary” has appeared in the Ashpit!
– Lazarus now returns to his normal form when he goes to the next floor, recovering his extra life if he lost it
– Lazarus now gains a permanent +0.5 bonus each time he transforms into his resurrected form
– Lazarus now only loses 1 heart container when he transforms into his reanimated form, this cannot drop him below 1 heart container
– Increased the damage multiplier of the reanimated form of Lazarus to 1.4 (was 1.2)
– Reduced the duration of the temporary damage bonus granted by Lazarus’ birthright from 3 minutes to 1, but this bonus is granted each time Lazarus transforms into his resurrected form
– ??? now gets evil deals at a reduced cost and starts with an innate Lil Larva effect (destroying poop spawns 1 blue fly)
– Mom’s Razor and Backstabber bleed effects now deal damage based on how fast an enemy moves (faster enemies take more damage). When an enemy bleeds, it leaves behind a creep that damages other enemies. Effects can now also be applied to bosses.
– Mom’s Razor now blocks projectiles and can damage bosses
– Camo Undies now grants +0.5 speed while cloaked. When uncovering, all nearby enemies take damage and Isaac gains a brief tear + increased damage
– Lost Fly now deals damage less frequently (7 damage every 7 frames) but causes nearby enemies to target it
– D12 can now re-throw most obstacles, including droppings, spikes, and chimneys, and can spawn more varied obstacles
– Pay to Play now works on double locked doors, key blocks and chests, and has new sprites for all types of locked doors
– We Need to Go Deeper/Mom’s Shovel/Ehwaz now has a secret method to guarantee a crawl space once per floor and no longer create them based on chance
– Lil Dumpy is now a follower and automatically produces a butter bean fart when an enemy or projectile is about to hit Isaac
– Voodoo Head now improves cursed room layout/rewards
– Book of Sin no longer creates microbatteries (only normal and rarely golden/mega batteries)
– Adjusted the formula used to calculate damage for Libra and matches pause menu stats (this results in overall higher damage during Libra runs)
– Reduced the evil price of The Nail, Bloody Lust and Bloody Gust to 1 heart
– Added Little Horn to the Devil Room pool (was previously only there in Greed mode)
– Added Guppy’s Eye to the Curse Room Pool
– Replaced Razor Blade with Blood Rights in Devil Room Pool
– Replaced mom’s razor with a razor blade in the cursed room pool
– Increased blank card weight in shop pool (was previously rarer)
– Bomber Boy now has normal weight/rarity in the bomber pool (was previously rarer)
– Reduced the number of enemies spawned on the first floor of Greed/Greedier mode
– Beggars no longer drop the Treasure Map, Compass or Contract from below in Greed Mode
– Added thick weird mushroom to treasure room pools in greed mode
– Added Ball of Bandages to Silver Treasure Room Pool in Greed Mode
– Removed Meat Cube from most pools in Greed Mode, except Treasure/Silver Store
– Removed Dead Bird and Ouija Board from Greed Mode Devil Room Pool
– Decreased spawn rate of Devil Room layout with runes only in Greed mode
– Urn of Souls now deals 50% more damage when combined with Book of Belial via Judas’ birthright
– Significantly increased the durability of Book of Virtues locks created from Ventricle Razor
– Significantly increased the range and damage of Brimstone Wisps Brimstone Beams
– The Devil’s Crown no longer affects the mirrored treasure room in Downpour II
– Monster Manual can now grant Gemini and Psy Fly
– Rooms with pits in the corpse can no longer be bloody
– D7 no longer teleports the player when used in certain special rooms (like Devil rooms)
– Red Champion Monstro II now has faster attacks, but also slightly reduced health
– Added unique champion sprites for bosses
– Added visual and audio feedback for Backstabber effect
– Updated Onan’s Streak to require Judas and It Lives to be unlocked first
– Added new room layouts
– Updated various item qualities
– Updated localization files
– Little Horn now takes reduced damage from his own bombs (this prevents him from killing himself too quickly)
– Little Horn orange champion variant now uses unique flaming troll bomb sprites and still spawns flaming troll bombs when teleporting around the room
– Updated several room layouts

– Fixed some characters in item description font (such as b and d) not displaying correctly since last update
– Fixed some missing shading in the Horny Boys boss portrait
– Fixed crafting bag being able to craft locked items using fixed recipes
– Fixed Bag Lunch and Wish Bone causing odd behavior with pickups for the rest of the run after triggering (like infinitely duplicating Damocles items)
– Fixed Devil Rooms not appearing in the Workshop in Greed Mode if Womb is not unlocked first
– Fixed co-op ghosts being able to take damage from certain sources
– Fixed a rare crash caused by floor generation in the Red Redemption challenge
– Fixed Astral Projection causing a crash when firing in a room containing rain
– Fixed Clickety Clacks becoming white champions which could result in a softlock
– Fixed a softlock when launching Tainted Forgotten in the special minecart in Mines II right after entering the room
– Fixed Tainted Forgotten getting extra plays on evil beggars during damage iframes
– Fixed sound of Tainted Forgotten hitting the ground while playing when thrown into a trapdoor
– Fixed Book of Belial not increasing chance to deal with the Devil when held by Judas with Birthright
– Fixed Satan sometimes becoming invulnerable during his second phase while under the effects of I’m Excited
– Fixed inability to fire during Kidney Stone Barrage effect with Chocolate Milk
– Fixed Neptunus and Chocolate Milk preventing the charge bar from filling up completely
– Fixed Head of Krampus dealing 19 damage ticks instead of 20
– Fixed Brimstone + Anti Gravity + Soy Milk not working as intended
– Fixed Arsonist being rarer than intended
– Fixed various minor issues with some room layouts
– Fixed Mother’s Shadow chase track not rotating properly
– Fixed minecart room door in Mines II taking longer to open than intended after successfully escaping from Mother’s Shadow
– Fixed Colostomy sometimes remaining invulnerable longer than intended when transitioning into its second phase
– Fixed Reverse Justice map removing one item from the current pool for each chest spawned
– Fixed rockets exploding on contact with permanently charmed enemies
– Fixed a softlock caused by falling into a trap while Mega Mush is active
– Fixed Sumptorium sometimes not being able to recall all clots when playing as Tainted Eve
– Fixed Black Hole not destroying Fool’s Gold rocks
– Fixed various issues caused by D7 in Home
– Fixed a bug that prevented scores from being submitted after winning a daily race
– Fixed missing champion sprites for Rag Man
– Fixed Champion Mask of Infamy not using its unique champion sprites
– Fixed champion versions of Chub, Little Horn, Rag Man, Brownie, Peep and the Bloat not using the correct sprites for spawned enemies
– Fixed War and Death champion not using the correct sprites when transitioning into their second phase
– Fixed Lil Loki not counting for joint transformation (for real this time!)
– Fixed Clutch’s Clickety Clacks not dealing contact damage after being thrown again
– Fixed reviving as Lazarus resets his chance to deal the Devil even if Red Heart damage was taken during the current floor
– Fixed Bethany unlock condition not working as intended due to new Lazarus revival mechanic
– Fixed several special room doors not working properly in the Pay to Play challenge
– Fixed Pay to Play lock doors (the item) that would normally be unlocked (like the silver treasure room in Greed

Phew! The whole update, if we do say so ourselves.

Let us know if you’re still playing The Binding of Isaac: Repentance and what you think of the experience now that it’s received such an update!