Tesla fires employee and FSD beta tester who shared YouTube drives

A Tesla employee and FSD beta tester has been fired for what the company says is a conflict of interest. The employee in question, Jon Bernal, is also the owner of the AI Addict YouTube channel, which offers both casual and stress testing of the full self-driving beta in real-life situations.

Over the past year Bernal has shared many videos of FSD Beta in action, and being one of the system users who usually pushes the advanced driver assistance system to its limits, some of his videos featured flaws and gaps in Full Self-Driving Beta capabilities. . This included a rather dramatic video of FSD Beta 9 in downtown San Francisco, which had several errors in the system maneuvers, as well as a real accident involving FSD Beta 10.10 in downtown San Jose, which featured the model 3 from Bernal hitting a traffic bollard.

Following his dismissal from the company, Tesla chose to cut off Bernal’s access to FSD Beta. According to the former employee, this is despite the fact that he did not encounter any security issues while using the system. Bernal’s 2021 Tesla Model 3, however, still comes equipped with the company’s Full Self-Driving suite, which was given to him for free when he purchased the vehicle as an employee. Tesla’s FSD suite is currently offered as a $12,000 option, although it was priced at $8,000 when Bernal took delivery of its Model 3 in December 2020.

Bernal began his employment with Tesla in August 2020, as a Data Annotation Specialist in an office in San Mateo, California. According to records shared by the former employee at CNBC, he was then transferred to the position of test operator of advanced driver assistance systems. He was fired from the company the second week of February 2022. Prior to his dismissal, Bernal said officials verbally informed him that he “violated Tesla policy” and that his AI Addict YouTube channel was a “conflict of interest”.

Although Bernal previously admitted in the comments section of one of his YouTube videos that he was a Tesla employee, the AI ​​Addict channel does not clearly state or disclose that its host works for the electric vehicle maker. That being said, Bernal maintains that he has been transparent on his YouTube channel, even with his colleagues at Tesla. He also maintains that he never disclosed anything in his videos that the company did not release to the public.

“The beta versions of FSD I was demonstrating were consumer products for end users,” the former Tesla employee said.

Although he can’t use his personal Model 3 for FSD Beta videos today, the former employee noted that he has access to other Teslas with FSD Beta. As such, Bernal noted that he should be able to continue his independent research and criticism. One such video has already been uploaded to the AI ​​Addict YouTube channel, where Bernal briefly discussed his departure from Tesla before going through FSD Beta in his typical stress tests.

Despite his experiences with the electric vehicle maker, Bernal noted that he still cared deeply about the company and what it was trying to accomplish with products like Autopilot and FSD Beta. “I always care about Tesla, vehicle safety and finding and fixing bugs,” he said.

Bernal’s latest video, which includes his thoughts on his departure from Tesla, can be viewed below.

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Tesla fires employee and FSD beta tester who shared YouTube drives