Aston’s mid-engined cars wouldn’t be real without Gran Turismo

Drawing: Aston Martin With the Valkyrie and Valhalla attracting so much attention now, it’s easy to forget Aston Martin’s earlier fantasies of what a mid-engined supercar from the marque might look like. Nearly a decade ago, she unveiled the DP-100 — a car designed for Grand Touring 6. We should all appreciate the DP-100; apparently … Read more

Activision moves full-time QA staff amid union push

Picture: Activision Activision Blizzard has announced a big win for its part-time developers today as he battles an ongoing union push at one of the major studios behind Call of Duty: Warzone. Contract QA staff across the company will be converted to full-time and will also have their minimum hourly rate increased to $20. This … Read more

Russia’s auto boom comes to a halt due to Ukraine sanctions

Kaluga car factories stop production Demand for cars plummets, food prices soar Some hope Western resolution won’t last Others have seen crises before April 5 (Reuters) – Thousands of autoworkers have been laid off and food prices are soaring as Western sanctions hit the small Russian town of Kaluga and its flagship foreign automakers, along … Read more

Giga-casting and robots: How Volkswagen’s Trinity aims to catch up with Tesla

Volkswagen finalizes production plans for its new electric vehicle factory Large die-casting and more automation on the boards Aims to match Tesla with a 10-hour car production time BERLIN, March 31 (Reuters) – As Tesla starts production at its new German plant this month, Volkswagen is weeks away from finalizing plans for a 2 billion … Read more