The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance is getting a huge update, here are the full patch notes

Image: Nicalis Nicalis, Inc. has announced that The Binding of Isaac: Repentance has received a huge new update, bringing the DLC in line with the PC version of the game. Version 1.78 brings a plethora of gameplay changes, which we know you can’t wait to experience. With that in mind, we’ll just let the list … Read more

MLB The Show 22 Releases First Post-Launch Update, Patch Notes Revealed

MLB The Show 22 received its first post-launch update. Although the latest entry in Sony’s annual baseball franchise hasn’t technically summer Just released, the game arrived late last week via early access. And with The Show 22 Now in the hands of those who opted to pay a little extra to access it upfront, developer … Read more

Nintendo Life eShop Picks – March 2022

This year is certainly moving on, and as we head into spring (for you northern hemisphere readers), we can reflect on some other great recent eShop titles. This month’s vote in the squad was intriguing, and we have three great games left. These awards aim to celebrate the best of Nintendo’s digital store, giving some … Read more

Best Fun Games on Switch – Games That Will Make You a Wii Yourself

What does it mean to be funny? Merriam-Webster defines funny as “allowing light-hearted joy and laughter,” and in these dark times, don’t we all need a little light-hearted joy? Well, do we have the fun games for you! From witty writing to chaotic pants-wetting cooperative games, this list has every kind of light-hearted joy you … Read more

16 Theories About Link’s Weird Arm In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

We know surprisingly little about the game currently titled The Sequel To The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. But that won’t stop me from speculating furiously about it all the same, based on all the trailers we have so far, and everything I know about Zelda games! You probably clicked on this feature … Read more

Nintendo and Mobile are an uneasy alliance, but it’s still vital

Image: Nintendo Life Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that Dragalia Lost would be shutting down after a few final story updates, to which the response from many may have been a shrug. The mobile exclusive was an interesting title, however, as it was the only new IP that Nintendo had invested solely in its mobile … Read more

Sakurai reflects on every Super Smash Bros. reveal. Fighter in a new blog post

Picture: Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got its latest DLC character last October in the form of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. It was a hugely exciting time, with Sora’s arrival in the game bringing near-universal joy. People who didn’t like Kingdom Hearts could see that the Keyblade-wielding boy had earned his place, while fans of … Read more