Julius Randle-Obi Toppin issue looms over Knicks offseason

Consider it the most truthful remark Knicks President Leon Rose made about his vision during Sunday’s interview with MSG Network. Rose supported Julius Randle and his difficult season, but later added: “In terms of opportunities that may arise, we are very flexible.” The Knicks will be “very flexible” regarding Randle. His status ranks as the … Read more

Some Knicks brass wanted Tom Thibodeau to leave on all-star break

When the Knicks hit the All-Star break amid a 3-13 freefall, three-game losing streak and 25-34 record, at least two front office members recommended that Tom Thibodeau is released, learned The Post. Members of the front office believed Thibodeau had, as one source put it, “lost the team.” They didn’t like some of the body … Read more