The 500 HP Millyard Viper V10 motorcycle is a dream

GIF: Allen Millyard | Youtube Some of my favorite custom bikes are the ones with engines that seem totally unsuitable for two-wheeler use. Perhaps the best example of this idea is the Millyard Viper V10, a motorcycle that will have you drooling while you shake like a Chihuahua. The Millyard Viper V10 has been around … Read more

What bike should I buy for mountains and pavement?

Photo: Yamaha Ted is a big guy who lives in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado. His day-to-day is one of the reputed kings of off-roading, a Wrangler JK, but he’s looking for something two-wheeled to take along for rides for the same purpose on sunny days to come. Since Tom McParland of Jalopnik out … Read more

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L is America’s luxury travel machine

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz There are few things in this world better (and more American) than a road trip with your good friends. I’m sure all of you – as car enthusiasts – can at least somewhat agree with this opinion. I’m here to tell you that there are few vehicles more up to a road … Read more

Need a fuel efficient car to deliver packages. What should I buy?

Picture: Ford Darlene has a small package delivery business, but his 300,000-mile van eats into his profits with fuel and maintenance costs. She has a $16,000 budget for something affordable and fuel-efficient to make her deliveries. (Welcome back to Which car should you buy? Where we give real people real advice on buying cars. ) … Read more

I put my money where my mouth is and bought a LiveWire Harley-Davidson

Photo: Bradley Brownell $29,799. When the LiveWire was first released in 2019 as a 2020 model bike, that’s where Harley-Davidson pegged it. I thought it was too expensive when it was launched, but after riding it, I kind of figured it out. It was meant to be an advanced power move for early tech-rich users, … Read more