Ghostwire: Tokyo Kotaku Review: Captivating World, Weak Combat

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new action-adventure game from Tango Gameworks with immersive simulation-like elements, is a frustrating juxtaposition of highs and lows. It’s both a compelling tale of loss and the effort we make to recover what’s gone, and a laborious first-person shooter with some very underwhelming enemy AI. Its world is richly detailed and captivating, … Read more

Tokyo has one of the coolest healing systems in the world

Ghostwire: TokyoTango Gameworks cool new project about talking spirits and fighting ghastly humanoids, managed to get me away from Ring of Elden. It’s a nice reprieve. ghost yarn is nowhere near as difficult as the latest from FromSoftware souls-to like. So rather than wandering a hauntingly vast open world and being completely decimated by melancholic … Read more