Electric vehicles are too expensive

Picture: Toyota Reading Elizabeth Blackstock Publish the other day contemplating whether or not Toyota’s marketing plan for its first electric vehicle, the bZ4X, would work – something popped into my head. I realized that automakers don’t seem to want EVs in the hands of the masses – and it all has to do with cost, … Read more

At $13,000, is this 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300 CE a bargain?

Today’s Seller Good price or no dice Mercedes claims to have a number of interesting cars on the chopping block, but only seems to be listing this one at the moment. The reason given for sale is a movementand we will determine if this Benz is right-price to move. It has been said that the … Read more

2023 Toyota bZ4X First Drive: An Ambitious Electric SUV

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X will be the Japanese company’s first attempt at an electric vehicle that will be available in all 50 states. It’s an admirable machine that looks as good as it rides and comes with updated technology – but Toyota is going to have to make a ground hard work to land this … Read more

Electric trucks save 1.5 times more emissions than electric cars

If we have to go through all the trouble of tearing every last ounce of lithium off the planet just to be able to send nine billion ton electric vans down the road on autopilot, they better be good for the environment. All this and more in The morning shift for April 11, 2022. 1st … Read more

Hybrids are back and Toyota is seizing the moment

Photo: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP (Getty Images) Toyota’s lagging ways are working to its advantage, more factories in Michigan have halted production and Lewis Hamilton’s aversion to racing in Saudi Arabia is just a big misunderstanding, Saudi Arabia says . All that and more in this Friday edition of The morning shift for April 1, 2022. I … Read more

Ford patented a hydrogen engine to save combustion engines

I wonder how much hydrogen you can buy for $4.24? Photo: Jean Francois Monier (Getty Images) There’s no two ways about it, gas-powered cars are on their way out. Europe wants to ban the sale of these cars in the decade and manufacturers have agreed to remove them from their ranges as they strive for … Read more

At $19,900, Is This Rare 1977 VW Hormiga Stakebed A Bargain?

For today Good price or no dice Contest I bring you a VW Hormiga or “Ant”. You’ve probably never heard of it before, but now that you’ve heard of it, let’s see what you could expect to pay for it. One of the most famous lines of the 1978s animal house is Dean Wormer chiding … Read more

The Ford Maverick is great, but it’s also part of the problem

Picture: Ford No one can build vehicles fast enough, but Ford is particularly feeling the pinch with the Maverick. The manufacturer new orders on hold on his hot compact pickup until the summer because he has to give priority to reservations already made. And listen – despite the headline up there which I’m well aware … Read more

Why Your Tesla or Ford EV Could Soon Be Even More Valuable

When those big winter storms or scorching summer temperatures knock out power for miles around, who can you turn to if you don’t have a generator handy? Some people might seek a more livable environment in a public building or perhaps a mall to warm up or cool down while they are open. But what … Read more

Tesla defined the electric vehicle sales model; Ford, VW and others want to follow

As automakers go electric, some are trying to wrest control from dealerships over how these vehicles will be priced and sold, in an effort to bring the experience closer to the direct-selling model used by Tesla. Inc. TSLA -4.98% Ford F -1.41% Motor Co. executives recently outlined plans for a system in which dealerships would … Read more