High car prices will stay high in 2022

Looking for a new car? Have you thought about waiting until 2023? All this and more in The morning shift for April 18, 2022. 1st gear: car manufacturers can get away with it Automakers spend years — decades – desperately trying to keep prices low to stay competitive in the market. But if…every car manufacturer … Read more

Nissan says solid-state batteries are a ‘potential bomb’

Nissan is really excited to tell you about its new and improved electric car battery technology that, uh, could blow us all away. All this and more in The morning shift for April 8, 2022. 1st gear: that’s one way of saying it I’m not sure the idea that better technology is what we need … Read more

VW abandons cheap cars

Almost 20 years after Volkswagen introduced the Phaeton to a resounding “huh?” of the buying public, VW is once again doubling down on premium models offering higher profit margins than bargain products. All this and more in The morning shift for April 6, 2022. 1st gear: Must be fun being an Audi executive right now … Read more

Ford patented a hydrogen engine to save combustion engines

I wonder how much hydrogen you can buy for $4.24? Photo: Jean Francois Monier (Getty Images) There’s no two ways about it, gas-powered cars are on their way out. Europe wants to ban the sale of these cars in the decade and manufacturers have agreed to remove them from their ranges as they strive for … Read more

At $37,500, is this 1964 Cheetah replica a bargain?

As today’s seller Good price or no dice Cheetah’s replica correctly states that the racer was Chevy’s answer to the Ford-powered Cobras that dominated the track. Let’s see if the price of this complete kit car is the answer to today’s “what’s it worth?” Driving someone else’s concocted car is a bit like wearing someone … Read more

At $3,500, Is This 1994 Ford Escort GT Wagon A Transporter For Hoonage?

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The Ford Maverick is great, but it’s also part of the problem

Picture: Ford No one can build vehicles fast enough, but Ford is particularly feeling the pinch with the Maverick. The manufacturer new orders on hold on his hot compact pickup until the summer because he has to give priority to reservations already made. And listen – despite the headline up there which I’m well aware … Read more

Jeep’s stinky Detroit factory under investigation for racial discrimination

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