Fire Emblem Warriors Was Really Brilliant: A Musou Defense

Screenshot: nintendo Whenever Nintendo releases news about Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, I’m bracing for a flurry of anti-musou sentiment on Twitter. Just search for “Fire Emblem” and “musou”, and you’ll see Twitter complaining about how Three Houses‘ the sequel would be so much better if it wasn’t a musou. Like someone who loved Fire … Read more

The Best (and Worst) April Fool’s Day Jokes About Gaming in 2022

Picture: Inner laziness April Fool’s Day has finally arrived, or as our UK editor John Walker likes to call it: “International Day of Lies”. Fear not, readers. We Kotaku bloggers are vigilantly watching for any ad that seems a little too good or too weird to be true. Not me, however. Some April Fool’s jokes … Read more