Razer x Lambda Linux laptop does machine learning

Screenshot: Lambda Razer latest laptop happened, but not what we expected. Not only this Razer Blade 15 Doppelganger is not intended for gaming, but it is not even sold by Razer. This unique new notebook is instead a collaboration between Razer and Lambda, a company that makes workstations, GPUs, and servers for machine learning. It’s … Read more

How to Use Mouse Gestures in Chrome, Edge, and Safari?

Chances are, you spend a lot of time in a web browser every day. So anything you can do to speed up your internet browsing will make a significant difference in your level of productivity (and give you more time to do something more exciting). Yes, even on the best web browsers. Here’s one of … Read more

How to Prevent Octo Malware from Remotely Accessing Your Android

Photo: ymgerman (Shutterstock) A new strain of malware is circulating the internet and seeking to take over your Android device. Once installed, “Octo”, as it is colloquially known, can both see your screen remotely and control your device, all without you knowing. Let’s take a look at where Octo came from, how it works, and … Read more

Nvidia’s giant leak continues to predict the biggest games of 2022

Picture: Ubisoft / Square Enix / Kotaku Last September, a massive list of potential PC games leaked via Nvidia’s GeForce Now video game streaming service and was posted online. At the time, no one really knew what to think of it. Was it inside information or speculative placeholders? Now the evidence is mounting that at … Read more

Game Boy Advance was a secret haven for revolutionary racers

Photo: Adam Ismail | Racing games on Game Boy Advance – it’s a couple that sounds like a bad time. The GBA, although beloved with many fantastic titles in its library, was basically a system designed for playing 2D games. And driving a car is an experience that benefits greatly from a third dimension. It’s … Read more

Plex’s new universal search is already better than Google

Welcome to Plex’s watchlist, the best new beta feature. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo When I want to watch something, I don’t know where to start. Do I bend down in front of the TV and use the remote to look for something? Or do I have to pull out my phone and dig into … Read more

Everything you need to play on a Mac

Photo: ]Daria Gromova (Shutterstock) Are Macs good gaming machines? Sort of. Macs, and MacBooks in particular, are not optimized for gaming to say the least, and many games simply don’t support macOS. That said, Mac gaming has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s easier than ever to find and play … Read more

Hyped PS5 horror game ‘Abandoned’ has turned into a messy saga

If you thought this mysterious horror and survival game Abandoned by Blue Box Game Studios couldn’t be more enigmatic, wait until you hear it. The game was pushed back into the public consciousness this week, but not because the developer had something to show for it. No, instead, information was quietly deleted from the studio’s … Read more

The best ways to set up your Chromebook for gaming

Photo: Arto Tahvanainen (Shutterstock) PC gaming is rightly considered a “high-end” computing task. While full of games go run on weak or outdated PCs and laptopsthe biggest, the newest games require powerful hardware and gaming-friendly operating systems like Windows or SteamOS—features that small productivity machines like Chromebooks lack. Yet despite their ChromeOS’ meager hardware specs … Read more

You should probably stop using your Wyze camera right now

Photo: Smith/Gado collection (Getty Images) If you have a Wyze security camera, my suggestion would be to rip it out of the wall and throw it in the nearest trash can. Over the past three years, a glaring security flaw has taken root in the company’s V1, V2, and V3 Internet-connected cameras that allegedly allowed … Read more