Electric vehicles are too expensive

Picture: Toyota Reading Elizabeth Blackstock Publish the other day contemplating whether or not Toyota’s marketing plan for its first electric vehicle, the bZ4X, would work – something popped into my head. I realized that automakers don’t seem to want EVs in the hands of the masses – and it all has to do with cost, … Read more

At $8,500, Could This ’04 Rebuilt BMW 330i Be a Bargain?

I was going to ask you if you wanted the good news or bad news first on today Good price or no dice Bimmer, but I already let the cat out of the bag at the top about her reconstructed title. Let’s see if the rest of the car, and its price, can overcome this … Read more

Toyota makes a Crown SUV and I hate it

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter, Toyota wants to make a Crown SUV and Volkswagen. All this and more in The morning shift for April 14, 2022. 1st gear: Crown The Toyota Crown is in its fifteenth generation, having been manufactured since 1955 in one form or anotherthe car of Japanese government officials, a bright … Read more

Nvidia’s giant leak continues to predict the biggest games of 2022

Picture: Ubisoft / Square Enix / Kotaku Last September, a massive list of potential PC games leaked via Nvidia’s GeForce Now video game streaming service and was posted online. At the time, no one really knew what to think of it. Was it inside information or speculative placeholders? Now the evidence is mounting that at … Read more

Activision moves full-time QA staff amid union push

Picture: Activision Activision Blizzard has announced a big win for its part-time developers today as he battles an ongoing union push at one of the major studios behind Call of Duty: Warzone. Contract QA staff across the company will be converted to full-time and will also have their minimum hourly rate increased to $20. This … Read more

NASA needs Canoo to make a working EV astronaut carrier by 2023

science fiction? Photo: Canou If you ask me what astronauts drive, I’ll tell you it’s a Corvette because it’s the car that every Apollo astronaut had. But while they may have gone out to get groceries in a ’60s Vette, that’s not what they were dispatched to the launch pad in. In the Apollo era, … Read more

Working in an auto parts factory in Ukraine feels like a time

Workers at two wire harness factories in Ukraine are returning to work amid the Russian invasion, helping to revive car production across Europe. It doesn’t seem like an easy job, having fled several times to bunkers on site under threat of rocket attacks. All this and more in The morning shift for March 24, 2022. … Read more

Mixed reception for Horror Shooter

Screenshot: Bethesda Notice for Ghostwire: Tokyoan immersive simulation from the creators of a Game series so frightening that I can’t mention his name without collapsing in a fit of sobbing, landed this morning. Publisher Bethesda Softworks did not provide Kotaku with early access, because duh, so we experience the game and its press cycle, alongside … Read more