Everything you need to play on a Mac

Photo: ]Daria Gromova (Shutterstock) Are Macs good gaming machines? Sort of. Macs, and MacBooks in particular, are not optimized for gaming to say the least, and many games simply don’t support macOS. That said, Mac gaming has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s easier than ever to find and play … Read more

The best ways to set up your Chromebook for gaming

Photo: Arto Tahvanainen (Shutterstock) PC gaming is rightly considered a “high-end” computing task. While full of games go run on weak or outdated PCs and laptopsthe biggest, the newest games require powerful hardware and gaming-friendly operating systems like Windows or SteamOS—features that small productivity machines like Chromebooks lack. Yet despite their ChromeOS’ meager hardware specs … Read more