Electric trucks save 1.5 times more emissions than electric cars

If we have to go through all the trouble of tearing every last ounce of lithium off the planet just to be able to send nine billion ton electric vans down the road on autopilot, they better be good for the environment. All this and more in The morning shift for April 11, 2022. 1st … Read more

Ford patented a hydrogen engine to save combustion engines

I wonder how much hydrogen you can buy for $4.24? Photo: Jean Francois Monier (Getty Images) There’s no two ways about it, gas-powered cars are on their way out. Europe wants to ban the sale of these cars in the decade and manufacturers have agreed to remove them from their ranges as they strive for … Read more

What high gas prices mean for electric vehicles

Photo: Tom Williams (PA) If you’re tired of soaring gasoline prices and think about the benefits of an electric ride, you are probably not alone. But while switching to an electric vehicle may seem like a no-brainer, there are significant hurdles, including new issues caused by the conflict in Ukraine, that the electric vehicle industry … Read more