High car prices will stay high in 2022

Looking for a new car? Have you thought about waiting until 2023? All this and more in The morning shift for April 18, 2022. 1st gear: car manufacturers can get away with it Automakers spend years — decades – desperately trying to keep prices low to stay competitive in the market. But if…every car manufacturer … Read more

Electric vehicles are too expensive

Picture: Toyota Reading Elizabeth Blackstock Publish the other day contemplating whether or not Toyota’s marketing plan for its first electric vehicle, the bZ4X, would work – something popped into my head. I realized that automakers don’t seem to want EVs in the hands of the masses – and it all has to do with cost, … Read more

Toyota’s award process can make it difficult to get a GR Corolla

Toyota has heard the calls from your GR Corolla and wants you to calm down. For those of you who have already contacted local dealers to queue, congratulations for arriving early. The sad reality is that even if you select the options and colors you want, you probably won’t get that exact GR corolla, if … Read more

Aston’s mid-engined cars wouldn’t be real without Gran Turismo

Drawing: Aston Martin With the Valkyrie and Valhalla attracting so much attention now, it’s easy to forget Aston Martin’s earlier fantasies of what a mid-engined supercar from the marque might look like. Nearly a decade ago, she unveiled the DP-100 — a car designed for Grand Touring 6. We should all appreciate the DP-100; apparently … Read more

2021 Kia Niro EV Jalopnik Review

Photo: Raphael Orlove Framed against the blue skies of Palm Springs, windmills — pristine white like this 2021 Kia Niro EV — spun in the urgent wind. Sand jumped onto the flat, dark sidewalk, and I covered it with dirt. Tire smoke choked the cabin, sour, as that utterly nondescript refrigerator on wheels did a … Read more

Rivian’s CEO on growth, Amazon pickups, the SPAC bubble and low-cost electric vehicles

NORMAL, Ill. – Rivian Automotive CEO Robert Scaringe jumps out of one of the automaker’s R1T electric pickups outside the company’s plant in central Illinois as a man chants “RJ , RJ!” Scaringe, who uses those initials, turns to the male employee who thanks him for the work at Rivian’s massive factory. The 39-year-old company … Read more

At $8,500, Could This ’04 Rebuilt BMW 330i Be a Bargain?

I was going to ask you if you wanted the good news or bad news first on today Good price or no dice Bimmer, but I already let the cat out of the bag at the top about her reconstructed title. Let’s see if the rest of the car, and its price, can overcome this … Read more

Rockynats competitors return to central Queensland for burnout, mullet and drag racing

Rockhampton local Mercury Lien has had a fierce love of motorsports from a young age; he grew up watching races and built his first motorcycle with his father when he was a teenager. Key points: Rockynats have returned for the second year, as an extension of the Summernats and Red Center NATS Organizers say around … Read more

The new EV version of the iconic and popular VW bus will soon be available for American families

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes After nearly 20 years, the Volkswagen Combi is making a comeback! Recently, Volkswagen unveiled the look of the new VW ID. Buzz, which is an iteration of the iconic Bus and is set to make waves once it hits showroom floors. For almost a decade VW has been teasing the … Read more