How I Managed to Upgrade My Mercedes-Benz to Ultra-Dead Level

Photo: Lalita Chemello The whole thing is blurry. I vaguely remember taking the key to our kitchen. Suddenly I was in the driver’s seat staring at my husband through the windshield in a panic when I realized things had gone black. There was no more light in my the beloved Mercedes “Baby Benz” from 1989. … Read more

At $6,950, Could This 2007 Honda Element SC Be a Bargain?

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At $8,750, is this 84 Mazda B2000 a small truck with a big value?

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Working in an auto parts factory in Ukraine feels like a time

Workers at two wire harness factories in Ukraine are returning to work amid the Russian invasion, helping to revive car production across Europe. It doesn’t seem like an easy job, having fled several times to bunkers on site under threat of rocket attacks. All this and more in The morning shift for March 24, 2022. … Read more