How to Prevent Octo Malware from Remotely Accessing Your Android

Photo: ymgerman (Shutterstock) A new strain of malware is circulating the internet and seeking to take over your Android device. Once installed, “Octo”, as it is colloquially known, can both see your screen remotely and control your device, all without you knowing. Let’s take a look at where Octo came from, how it works, and … Read more

Security Shocker for millions of Samsung Galaxy users (Android 9-12)

Although these days I use an iPhone as my primary smartphone, I still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G for backup and burner use. If you own a Samsung smartphone, running a wide range of Android versions from 9 to 12, I have good news and bad news for you. Serious and seriously shocking … Read more

You need to update your Pixel devices now

Photo: chikena (Shutterstock) Security updates shouldn’t be ignored: they fix critical issues with your technology that could compromise your privacy, security, and data. So when a mate, like google, files a new security update for a devicelike your Pixel, you need to take note and install the update as soon as possible. Google released its … Read more

Microsoft takes massive step to Android to challenge Apple

Microsoft’s recent reorganization brought together various Android-focused projects into a new division. While Microsoft’s focus on mobile has seen it launch a number of mobile initiatives, bringing it all together under one house illustrates its commitment to the broader market. Surface Duo 2 and Windows 11 sharing split-screen multitasking. Ewan Spence Zac Bowden reports on … Read more

DOJ’s Google Maps probe could send ripples through auto industry

Picture: The North Star Google is again in the spotlight for anticompetitive practices by the US Department of Justice, this time over Google Maps and its forced bundling with other Google services in cars that incorporate the giant’s Android Automotive platform. technology, like those of Volvo and Polestar. Car manufacturers are prohibited from replacing Google … Read more

How to Stop Your Phone from Keeping Records of What You Say

Even the biggest tech companies keep on stumbling when it comes to protecting user data, and this extends to giving us control over how voice command requests we make to our digital assistants are recorded and processed. So we thought it worth reviewing the key settings you need to know about Android and iOS. We’re … Read more