Tabitha Lohr, Marc Miller share wins and more career moments

Tabitha Lohr and Marc Miller had stellar careers and this time they got to share those moments.

As Tabitha Lohr crossed the finish line, she was half frozen but excited to win her Road Rally race.

The first person Lohr saw after winning the SnoDrift National Rally race in northern Michigan with driver Mark Rookus was her husband Marc Miller, a rare thing in the couple’s racing business. They were in the same place when one of them was victorious.

Most of the time, the Dutch racing couple is in different parts of the country competing in different races.

“Crossing the finish line and looking up and he was standing there smiling at me when I was freezing and everything hurt, it was like I could breathe again. It was a great moment,” Lohr said. “Sharing the experience with him was amazing. Usually he’s not there and I’ll text him or call him to let him know how it went. It’s so different when we’re there. There’s a lot more excitement.”