Star Trek: Resurgence is the first Trek to capture the spirit of 90s shows in a long, long time

It took me maybe half of the first season of Star Trek Discovery to accept that this wasn’t my kind of Star Trek. Discovery’s grim, militant war with the Klingons felt tonally offbeat for a series that’s always been about exploration and humanity at its core, and when Discovery did spending time on his crew, the melodrama dial seemed permanently stuck at 11. Good or bad, I knew this wasn’t my Star Trek.

I had the opposite experience last week when I played a demo of Star Trek: Resurgence, a story-driven adventure from former Telltale developers at new studio Dramatic Labs. Within five minutes, Resurgence’s captain was lamenting a catastrophic warp core malfunction and dropping tech chatter like “10,000 teradynes per second” as he stared out a window. 20 minutes later, the senior officers were seated across from Ambassador Spock, talking about their mission to broker a delicate peace between two alien races. Diplomacy was the obvious answer, but what kind of diplomacy? A civil debate ensued.