Race tire pressure “management system” will be used at Paris-Roubaix by the DSM team

The DSM team has confirmed that its riders will use integrated tire pressure management systems at Paris-Roubaix, which means that riders will be able to adjust the pressure of the controls on their handlebars as the race progresses.

Earlier today the UCI officially cleared the technology, in a press release which confirmed that a specific product – the Scope Atmoz – will be allowed in road racing.

Dutch company Scope has developed the technology, together with the DSM team, to allow riders to adjust the movement of tire pressure while riding, both by inflating and deflating pressure.

This is done using an air reservoir housed in the hub, which is then connected via mechanical valves and a hose to the rim and tubeless tire. Via controls on the handlebars, tire pressure can be electronically controlled and tracked in real time directly from a bike computer.