Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hope Games fans avoid the fire-type starter cliche

Each time a new main series Pokemon game comes out, one of the most exciting things about it is seeing the new Pokemon. So far, Nintendo and Game Freak have saved most of the new Pokemon that will be featured in Pokemon scarlet and violet secret, except for the three new starter Pokémon. Fans have yet to learn what the Pokemon scarlet and violet Starter Pokemon evolve, but it seems many are hoping that fire-type starter Fuecoco avoids a fire-type evolution cliche.


In generation 3 of Pokemon, the fire-type starter Torchic eventually evolves into Blaziken, a dual-fire/fighting-type Pokemon. Next, the gen 4 fire-type Chimchar evolves into the fire/fighting-type Infernape. This continued with the Gen 5 fire-type starter Tepig, which becomes fire/fighting-type Emboar. And while Cinderace and Incineroar aren’t fire/fighting types (Incineroar is a fire/dark type and Cinderace is a pure fire type), visually they look like fighting types. In fact, Incineroar is designed to look like a professional wrestler.

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So three out of eight fire-type Pokemon starters become fire/fighting types when they reach their final form, and two more look like fighting types thanks to their humanoid forms. It seems a lot Pokemon fans hope that scarlet and purple Fire-type starter Fuecoco eschews that cliche, with a recent meme on Reddit that got 13.9 thousand upvotes expressing interest in a few possible double-strike combos, but disappointment in the potential fire/fight-type that he could become.

As of this writing, fans have no idea how Fuecoco will eventually evolve, and they may not know until then. Pokemon scarlet and violetThe release date is spinning around. Sometimes Nintendo and Game Freak like to keep Pokemon’s final evolutions a secret, but other times they’re revealed in trailers ahead of time. In any case, all fans can do at this time is speculate on Fuecoco’s evolution, though there is a theory that makes a final fire/fighting type evolution unlikely.

Based on the fire-type Chinese zodiac theory, it’s possible that Fuecoco will transform into a serpent-like creature by the time he reaches his final evolution. It seems unlikely that Game Freak will make a limbless creature like a snake a fire/fighting type, but it opens the door to many other possibilities. Maybe Fuecoco’s fire type will be associated with fairy or steel, or maybe since it seems to be modeled after a hot pepper, it will remain a pure fire type.

Again, everything about the Pokemon scarlet and violet The final evolutions of the starters are only speculation until official details come from Game Freak and Nintendo. The new games are expected to launch by the end of the year though, so fans should expect more information in the coming months.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will launch in late 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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