PMDG 737 for MSFS entering the “Home Stretch”

After a period of silence from the PDMG team (often due to development progress), Robert is back with a new detailed forum post giving us another insight into the development progress of the PMDG 737 for MSFS.

Opening the forum topic, Robert says, “I am pleased to announce that we are nearing the end of the initial development and testing phase of the PMDG 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has been an extensive and grueling period of beta testing and we are now very pleased with the quality level. He goes on to say that the team will soon sit down and finalize a release date for the highly anticipated aircraft. “We anticipate that at one of our meetings next week, we will finalize the release date for this product and communicate it to you here in a specific release planning announcement.

As previously announced, the PMDG 737 for MSFS will be released in a different manner compared to previous versions of PMDG aircraft. Unlike before where a number of variants were included in a single package, PMDG chose to release the 737 for MSFS on a per-variant basis. The first of these variant packages will be the Boeing 737-700. This particular package will include all variants of the -700, including passenger, freighter and Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) versions of the aircraft. Each version will come with its own unique features to match real world operations. For example, the BBJ comes with a specific cockpit, auxiliary tank options and more. Of course, besides the options down to aircraft type, there will also be hundreds of customization options to tailor the aircraft to your requirements and needs.

We previously learned that PMDG then intends to release subsequent versions of the Boeing 737 in the future in approximately six-week intervals. Initially, PMDG focused on the Next Generation series of Boeing 737 aircraft (737-600, 737-800, 737-900) before eventually expanding the line to include the MAX series of aircraft.

PMDG 737 for MSFS Entry of
This new screenshot was taken in March, with improvements since.

What’s new is the new update cycle which Robert says is driven by customer feedback. He said that after the release of the 737-700 for MSFS, we can expect a regular series of updates for the aircraft. He said, “[…] there are features that we want to add to the product line that we can only devote resources to after the initial product launch cycle begins, so we will have a two-week development update cycle offering new new features to all 737 owners during the first 24 weeks after release. He then gave some examples of the type of updates we can expect:

– An all-new cockpit tablet reflecting capabilities that the obsolete Boeing Category I EFB does not provide. (I’ll have more details on this new feature a bit later!)

– New hi-res passenger cabins in one and two-class configurations, as well as a hi-res BBJ layout and proper cargo layout for these two airframes. The versions currently contained in the product are significantly higher resolution than any of our P3D products, but we have experimented with the amount of detail we can add to MSFS and have decided that entirely new cabs with cab features unique can be added. focus on competing with this effort once the product rollout period begins.

– Model Detail Area Updates: As we complete the all new series of models for MSFS, we are seeing that some areas traditionally treated with low resolution modeling and textures can now be updated to levels of perfectly precise detail. Areas such as gear bays that normally only receive low resolution treatment are reconstructed at the highest possible resolution, delivering pre-flight level quality to models as they go.

– Various other avionics modifications, etc.

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These bi-weekly updates will, of course, be free for customers when released.

Missing feature

Addressing concerns that in order to make the 737 for MSFS functional in the new platform, the feature had to be dropped, Robert said that “almost nothing” is missing. He said some features were removed that were no longer needed.

“Ultimately, the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS is a much more feature-rich simulation of the 737 series aircraft than what we have been able to produce on previous platforms and we are very excited about that. Shared the aircraft with a few non-PMDG/non-PMDG beta folks and their feedback has been very enthusiastic, and we think yours will be too once you get your hands on it!

Performance and price

Another key talking point is the performance of the 737-700 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Robert reassures, once again, that the aircraft’s performance is exceptional. “My dev rig is three years old with a first i9 and a 2080Ti. It runs the 737 well and smoothly in default and custom airports with no reduction in visual quality. I have filmed videos at KRNT from Dzierwicki Design (of course!) with frame rates close to 40-45 fps and smooth as silk. KRNT is an incredibly heavy landscape due to its detail and complexity. In other high-end airports range, performance is similar and in default landscape locations such as FMEE I see 50s to mid 50s without reducing my visual quality at all.

As for the price, there is still no confirmation on what the cost of the 737 will be for MSFS. However, Robert reiterated that customers who purchased the 737NGXu before 2020 will still receive their $99.99 credit on the PMDG 737 for MSFS. This means that if you choose to purchase one or more of the 737 packages to be made available, you can use your credit for this. If a purchase costs less than the account credit (on, you’ll keep the difference for a future purchase. Customers who qualify will automatically receive the credit.

An interesting tidbit here is that PMDG originally thought the 737 for MSFS would be released in August/September 2020. A big difference between expectations and reality.

new pictures; Beta testers released from NDA?

Beta testers are still bound by their PMDG NDA, so don’t expect a flurry of new images or videos just yet. However, Robert said development for him was winding down, meaning he could focus on making videos on the plane showing various elements of the plane in action.

As for those beta testers, he said he expects to be able to release them from the NDA next week to share their experiences with the rest of the community. He also said that streamers and media may receive first copies in the near future.

Finally, for those who would like to hear Robert directly, be sure to listen to his interview with Jeff Turner on SkyBlue Radio. Tune in Friday, April 8 at 2230z to hear more from Robert.

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