NVIDIA’s flagship GPU-powered GeForce graphics card, “Ada Lovelace” next-generation, is said to feature an AD102 GPU, 21Gbps memory, 24GB capacity, and a TGP up to 600W

NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace GPUs will be coming to gamers later this year in next-gen GeForce RTX graphics cards. These cards would have to rock some extreme specs and some extreme GPU requirements to perform as detailed by Kopite7kimi in his latest series of leaks.

NVIDIA’s next-gen flagship GeForce graphics card detailed: AD102 GPU, 24GB memory and 21Gbps, TGP up to 600W

There could be a new rumor surrounding the naming convention used by next-gen GeForce graphics cards, with some now pointing to a renaming to the GeForce RTX 50 series instead of the previously expected GeForce RTX 40 series. In the end, not everything NVIDIA decides to call the next GeForce line is as important as its underlying specs.

The EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN hybrid graphics card features two 16-pin connectors for over 1200W of power

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 ‘Ada Lovelace’ Graphics Card with Rumored Specs GA102-300 GPU

We know from leaked NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU configurations which show that the flagship GA102 Gaming chip will rock a total of 144 SMs, a 71% increase over the existing GA102 GPU, and house a massive 18,432 cores. CUDA. The chip used by the flagship GeForce graphics card will rock the AD102-300 GPU and we can’t say for sure if it will be the full SKU since the RTX 3090 Ti with the GA102-350 rocks the full config while the GA102 -300 SKU featured on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is a discounted SKU.

According to Kopite7kimi, the GeForce flagship graphics card will be based on the PG137/139-SKU30 PCB. These are both reference models and Founders Edition. The reference design is provided to AIBs as a reference for their custom models, while the FE design is exclusive to the Founders Edition reference model.

The graphics card would retain the 24 GB memory capacity while offering 21 Gbps memory speed over a 384-bit bus interface. It’s the same memory design as the Ampere GeForce flagship, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, and should bump the same amount of bandwidth at 1004 Gbps. As for the power input, the card is said to feature a single PCIe Gen 5 slot with a TGP power of up to 600W. You will need a 4x 8 pin to 1x 16 pin adapter if you are using a block older power supply or a single Gen 5 to Gen 5 connector if you have a compliant power supply.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace ‘GeForce RTX 40’ GPU Configurations

GPU name GPC / TPC SM by TPC / Total CUDA Colors L2 Cache Memory bus
AD102 12 / 6 2 / 144 18432 96 MB 384 bit
AD103 7 / 6 2 / 84 10752 64 MB 256 bit
AD104 5 / 6 2 / 60 7680 48 MB 192 bit
AD106 3 / 6 2 / 36 4608 32 MB 128 bit
AD107 3 / 4 2 / 24 3072 32 MB 128 bit

Comparison of NVIDIA Ada Lovelace and Ampere GPUs

There is a Lovelace GPU SMS CUDA Colors Top SKU Memory bus GPU amp SMS CUDA Colors Top SKU Memory bus SM increase (% over amp)
AD102 144 18432 RTX4090? 384 bit GA102 84 10752 RTX-3090Ti 384 bit +71%
AD103 84 10752 RTX 4070? 256 bit GA103S 60 7680 RTX-3080Ti 256 bit +40%
AD104 60 7680 RTX 4060? 192 bit GA104 48 6144 RTX-3070Ti 256 bit +25%
AD106 36 4608 RTX 4050 Ti? 128 bit GA106 30 3840 RTX-3060 192 bit +20%
AD107 24 3072 RTX 4050? 128 bit GA107 20 2560 RTX-3050 128 bit +20%

The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace family of GPUs is expected to bring a similar generational leap from Maxwell to Pascal. It’s expected to launch in the second half of 2022, but expect supply and pricing to be similar to current cards despite NVIDIA spending billions of dollars to get those good good 5nm TSMC wafers .


GPUs TU102 GA102 AD102
Architecture Turing Ampere Ada Lovelace
Process TSMC 12nm NFF Samsung 8nm TSMC 5nm
Die size 754mm2 628mm2 ~600mm2
Graphics Processing Clusters (GPC) 6 7 12
Texture Processing Clusters (TPC) 36 42 72
Streaming Multiprocessors (SM) 72 84 144
CUDA Colors 4608 10752 18432
L2 Cache 6 MB 6 MB 96 MB
Theoretical TFLOPs 16.1 37.6 ~90 TFLOPs?
Memory bus 384 bit 384 bit 384 bit
Memory capacity 11 GB (2080 Ti) 24 GB (3090) 24 GB (4090?)
Flagship SKU RTX-2080Ti RTX-3090 RTX4090?
TGP 250W 350W 450-850W?
Release September 2018 September 20 2H 2022 (to be confirmed)

Which next-gen GPUs are you most looking forward to?