New Microsoft Edge Linux Beta Supports Steam Deck Game Streams

Web-based cloud streaming is now live and awesome on Steam Deck, courtesy of... Microsoft?  Sure.  We will take it.
Enlarge / Web-based cloud streaming is now live and awesome on Steam Deck, courtesy of… Microsoft? Sure. We will take it.

Aurich Lawson

The Steam Deck’s viability as an all-in-one portable gaming machine just got stronger, as it now officially supports a one-click option to run any web-based cloud gaming service. , including Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Although the Deck comes with Firefox and Chrome pre-installed, this update does not work with either of these browsers. Instead, Steam Deck owners will need to install and configure Microsoft Edge’s latest Linux beta. Yes, Linux users, Microsoft has come to your rescue.

The process, as detailed on the official Microsoft Edge Community Reddit, requires going through a few steps in the Deck’s Arch Linux environment, but it’s a generally painless way to get a web browser to recognize and translate buttons, Steam Deck triggers and controllers. as a video game input – something other browsers haven’t done yet.

As a result, Deck owners can expect one-click access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, which streams over 200 games from Xbox Series X server blades to any compatible web browser on a computer. with a connected gamepad. Even better, this method unlocks the same functionality for any competing service that streams games from the cloud to a web browser. This includes Google Stadia, which works like a charm.

A flatpak, a Konsole and a command line parameter come in a bar

Interested cloud streaming fans should start by loading up Steam Deck’s default desktop interface and then visiting KDE Plasma’s “Discover” tab. As I explained in my Steam Deck Linux article last month, adding more apps to the closed Arch Linux version of the Deck requires installing “flatpak” files as these can run in their own tray. sand outside the main area of ​​the Deck, which is read only for all but built-in applications. This Discover tab is a much friendlier way to find and discover formally signed flatpak files than using the built-in Linux Konsole, although that’s also an option.

From there, choose Discover’s “Internet” category, then “Web Browsers,” and the Microsoft Edge beta will appear. (Or type “Microsoft Edge,” without “beta,” in its search box.) Once installed, Microsoft suggests entering this command in Linux Konsole, which will require a physical keyboard attached or a keyboard app installed.

flatpak --user override --filesystem=/run/udev:ro

Microsoft’s Reddit guide details the rest of the steps, which are similar to getting third-party apps like Discord or VLC running in the default “SteamOS” interface. In particular, Microsoft suggests changing the Edge settings in the Deck’s default game interface to maximize its navigation window and emphasize the cloud gaming site you will be visiting so that the controller buttons Deck’s playtimes don’t inadvertently trigger something like the address bar. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s guide suggests putting “” as the default URL.

Follow this process and Edge will do something the Steam Deck has lacked until now: translate button presses in a web browser so they’re recognized as coming from a gamepad. Until today, Steam Deck owners could start a web browser in the Deck’s game mode, only to find that button reassignments in the Deck’s control menus did not act like in a video game. “No controllers found,” the browser-based streaming service would say, despite users pressing joysticks and buttons that look a lot like a controller.