Mid-Engine Mustang? Ford’s original concept was an original V4-powered roadster

It’s hard to imagine the Ford Mustang as anything other than what we know today; a front-engine, rear-drive car built to cruise iconic highways and lay rubber at every red light. However, Ford’s iconic pony car was almost something completely different, with more ties to the modern Corvette than the modern version of the Mustang.

What was the first Ford Mustang?

Tom Barnes, left, and Dick Troutman beat the final signs for the first-ever Mustang concept car at their Culver City shop
Troutman and Barnes race car shop building Mustang 1 concept | Bob D’Olivo/The Enthusiast Network via Getty Images

The Mustang’s first production year was 1964. However, as you might expect, the Mustang spent years in development and went through all sorts of changes over the course of the engineers who brought the iconic to life. According to Auto Evolution, the first was quite a far cry from what we know today as the Mustang. However, that is where the iconic name comes from.