Marvel’s Wolverine is in the same situation as Starfield

Although they are on different sides of the platform fence, Marvel’s Wolverines and star field present interesting similarities, from a marketing point of view. Marvel’s Wolverines was confirmed with a brief teaser in September 2021, and as it stands, fans know next to nothing about it. Indeed, given Insomniac Games’ Spiderman 2 isn’t slated for release until 2023, it’s likely Wolverine won’t show up until 2024.

Meanwhile, Bethesda revealed star field back at E3 2018 and almost immediately went dark with the game. star field is not necessarily concrete. There is still a lot to say, but just like Wolverinethe hype is incredibly high for Star field. The comparisons, in terms of fan reaction and anticipation, go back to a common element in the industry.


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Wolverine vs. Starfield


While some lament it, the video game industry is very much fueled by anticipation or “hype”, rumors and speculation. Gaming fans will talk and speculate about what’s coming out of a company next, sometimes before the company probably has a clue themselves. The Elder Scrolls 6 and Grand Automatic Flight 6 were household names for rumors and speculation before Bethesda or Rockstar even vaguely mentioned them. Where this concept is most palpable is when games are announced years before they are released – another sometimes bemoaned practice.

Due to their approach, fans know that star field is an Xbox exclusive. Wolverine is a PlayStation exclusive. star field really only got one cinematic trailer, a few made public discussions, and a release date. Wolverine only has one trailer, and it might be a while before it resurfaces. Yet despite this, fans are thrilled for both star field and Wolverine. The question is why, and it’s quite simple to answer.

Bethesda is responsible for games like To fall and Skyrim, and the whole idea of ​​an open-world sci-fi game comparable to that style is interesting, to say the least. Meanwhile, Insomniac Games is responsible for Ratchet and Clank, Spiderman, and more. The pedigree of these studios drives these titles forward, and that’s why so many people are excited about both, despite knowing so little about them.

Starfield and Wolverine must overcome the dangers of hype in video games

ps5 wolverine game

The truth is that this concept is a double-edged sword. It’s a good thing that games and properties can get so much attention because it can translate to sales and launch success. But hype can be a dangerous thing. What everyone needs to understand is that ANYTHING can fail in the video game industry. The safest idea is still a bet. Yes Ring of Elden hadn’t blocked the landing after so much anticipation, the backlash would have been immense. Cyberpunk 2077 and its reception shows the dangers of promoting a game based on its developer’s pedigree, with Witcher Developer CD Projekt Red is hit with a huge case of backlash in this situation.

How? ‘Or’ What star field and Wolverine ultimately sticking their landing remains to be seen, and fans really want them to be good games. The hype around them right now is all well and good for them, but compartmentalizing anticipation and expectations for even the biggest titles goes a long way. star field will come out sooner, sure, and maybe live up to it all, but it’s a similar boat for each of these exclusive titles.

Marvel’s Wolverines is in development for PS5.

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