March Madness 2022 – From Eli Manning fandom to panels on the Jersey Turnpike

Few things unite New Jersey more than mentioning Wawa, riding down the coast, or the phrase “regular 20, cash.”

With their 2022 NCAA Tournament, you can add St. Peter’s Peacocks to that list β€” even if their March Madness appearance only lasts a few more days.

On Friday, the team made their first Sweet 16 appearance in Philadelphia, just 90 miles from their home, and faced 3-seeded Purdue in the Eastern Region semifinals.

The Peacocks emerged victorious and made history as the first 15 seeds to make the Elite Eight.

Last weekend, Saint Peter’s followed up their first 85-79 overtime win over Kentucky with a 70-60 win over Murray State in which the Peacocks never trailed to become the third 15-seeded to reach the Sweet 16.

These days, the Peacocks live a charming life as Cinderella’s team and enjoy being the tournament’s darling underdog. Here is a snapshot of their week:

the 17th of March

The Peacocks’ St. Patrick’s Day upset victory over Kentucky was the start of this Cinderella story. It also spurred on a new holiday that could be celebrated in the state for years to come.

The Peacocks also received congratulations from another underdog.

In 2018, the UMBC Retrievers became one of the most well-known teams to wear the proverbial glass slipper of March Madness after becoming the first 16 seed to beat a 1 seed.

March 18

Being verified on Twitter is just one of the perks that comes with losing the No. 2 seed. Less than 24 hours after the big win, the Peacocks were official blue. They also reposted an intro thread from the team which includes a “phenomenal” mustache, a set of twins, a budding actor and more.

Head coach Shaheen Holloway and guard Doug Edert also saw their social status improve. According to Twitter, Holloways has averaged 601 new followers a day since the win over Kentucky. Edert, who got a NIL contract with Buffalo Wild Wings, added 82 subscribers a day.

You know the saying about birds of a feather? In this case, the spiritual team of Saint Peter and Peacock streaming service NBCUniversal have come together.

March 19

Kentucky State has struggled to compete with New Jersey when it comes to basketball. The second-seeded Wildcats and No. 7 runners, both from Bluegrass State, fell to Saint Peter’s.

The Peacocks’ second surprise of the week drew praise from several local teams and another feathered friend.

When asked how his team competes against bigger teams, Holloway, who hails from Queens, New York, and played at Seton Hall, had a very fitting answer that made its way onto the boards. local displays.

“I have guys from New Jersey and New York. Do you think we’re scared of something?”

March 20th

The Peacocks play their home games at Run Baby Run Arena, and the party upon their return to Jersey City seemed to be as lively as the venue’s name.

March 21st

After the party, the team welcomed a special visitor to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and Coach Holloway appeared on Good Morning America.

March 23

Saint Peter’s threw two parties in as many days as its Sweet 16 send-off drew plenty of supporters. Those unable to attend the celebrations in person could at least see the celebration sign on the New Jersey Turnpike.

March 24

Apparently, former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was always a big Peacocks guy. We don’t question the timing, and neither do the New Jersey Devils.

March 25

Cinderella couldn’t be stopped in the city of brotherly love. Saint Peter’s beat Purdue 67-64 to become the first New Jersey school to reach the Elite Eight since Seton Hall in 1991.

Is there another way to celebrate national peacock day?