Many March 14 Walmart PS5 Orders Canceled

Not all restocks end well, and Walmart’s March 14 drop, which has now ended with tons of canceled PS5 orders, is a prime example.

PS5 consoles are still extremely difficult to buy. Since February, many insiders have predicted that the PS5 console restocks would continue throughout the year.

So far, these predictions have become a dire reality with no solution in sight. Many gamers still have to wait in long early morning lines outside retailers to get a console in store.

While others have to keep their fingers crossed in hopes of checking out at an online PS5 restock.

To make matters worse, even when some PlayStation fans get a successful order, cancellation may follow.

This was unfortunate for many Walmart customers who were now receiving canceled status for their PS5 orders.

PS5 Console


Walmart is canceling a large amount of PS5 orders from its March 14 restock

Walmart sent cancellation emails and notifications to many of its customers who have ordered a PS5 console during the March 14 restock.

This restocking was already experiencing some problems a few weeks ago. A few days after restocking, players have reported that they are still awaiting delivery of their PS5 orders.

For players fearing the worst, those fears were confirmed today. Several players began venting their displeasure in Reddit and Twitter feeds following the wave of cancellations.

Players complain about Walmart PS5 orders being canceled

After the cancellation messages started, the disappointment was palpable.

One of the biggest complaints from Walmart customers is that some of them received an “order delayed” email a while ago.

Waiting alone was already a problem, but canceling into a whole new level of disappointment.

Unfortunately, this has become a trend for several Walmart restocks. Back in January many gamers have complained about the retailer’s delayed PS5 orders.

Likewise, recent Walmart PS5 drops like the one on Feb. 24 ended with mixed results.

Many customers have contacted customer service. According to their posts, Walmart informed many of them that they had purchased an item that was already out of stock.

This problem ended up causing the cancellation. Nevertheless, customers were left perplexed as it should not be possible to purchase an out-of-stock item.

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Even several players whose orders are still pending received delayed status for their orders. Walmart has added new estimated delivery dates for these orders, as well as this overdue status.

Fortunately, some orders are still intact and slightly late. Hopefully those lucky fans will get the console they’ve been waiting for weeks now.

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Considering it’s April Fool’s Day, many players thought it was just some kind of joke. Unfortunately, it’s just bad timing.

It was a disastrous April Fool’s joke for many players, but confirmed restocks are on the way!

GameStop recently confirmed an in-store PS5 restock which will take place on April 2. What’s more, the bundles for this restock have been confirmed.