Live polygraph test for accused Call of Duty cheater ends before good part

A live polygraph test designed to decide the fate of an accused Call of Duty: Warzone cheater came to an abrupt end this week after doubts about the validity of the polygraph and who was conducting it surfaced.

As reported by Dexerto (opens in a new tab)the April 5 event was the brainchild of esports commentator Jake Lucky and Full Squad Gaming’s Grady Rains, who invited accused cheater ShiftyTV (opens in a new tab) to their Los Angeles studio to prove his innocence (or guilt). The planned route for the stream would start with Shifty playing Warzone on a “clean” PC setup to test his performance against his home PC. The stream would end with the results of a polygraph test conducted by John Grogan, a for-hire polygraph examiner who conducted similar tests for Dr. Phil, Vanity Fair and The Late Late Show with James Corden.