Launch of the Nine Sols crowdfunding campaign; planned for PlayStation, Switch and PC

According to the campaign description, Red Candle Games will release Nine Floors for PC and Mac via Steam, “as well as Nintendo and Sony consoles”, but since the port will not begin until after the game is complete, and since development is between console generations, the studio cannot provide a list final supported consoles. platforms so far. However, he notes that he has already acquired PlayStation and Switch dev kits.


Nine FloorsGameplay features fast-paced 2D action and exploration that builds on classic platforming techniques. Given our experience in producing story-driven games, the studio also focused on creating an immersive hand-drawn world with a fresh Asian fantasy setting, lively characters, and a solid storyline.


“Become one with the Tao…”

New Kunlun, the last sanctuary of the Solarians, has remained silent for centuries. Within this vast realm, the ancient gods bequeathed to mortals a promised land that is forever protected by a set of sacred rituals. Yet the truth of this world remains unknown to most. Everything changes when Yi, a long-forgotten hero, is awakened by a human child.

Over the course of the game, you will follow Yi on his quest for vengeance against the 9 Sols, fearsome rulers of this abandoned kingdom, and eliminate all obstacles in your way using Sekiro-lite style combat. Explore a dark fantasy world where every path is strewn with pitfalls and unravel the mysteries of an ancient alien race while uncovering the fate of humanity.

combat mechanics

Over the past two years, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort testing and tweaking our core combat mechanics. Not only do the controls have to be smooth and responsive, there are countless other things to consider when designing a fun, innovative, and user-friendly combat system.

As such, we’ve designed our fights with an emphasis on close encounters and the use of deflect and charge attacks. However, the traditional side-scrolling action controls remain unchanged, so you’re free to use moves like dash, double jump, and wall jump/climb the same way you know it.

Set of movements

  • Detour – Yi’s strongest skill. Deflecting an opponent’s attack not only allows you to avoid damage, but also absorbs and accumulates energy (Chi) with which to launch a stylish charge attack. Using quick reflexes and precise timing, you can escape many life-threatening situations with just the press of a button.
  • Charge Attack and Chi Blast – After successfully deflecting an enemy’s attack, you can reverse or “deflect” damage to enemy targets by sticking a Chi-filled talisman known as a “Foo Charm” onto an enemy body when a charge attack and detonating them with a spell.
  • Slash Attack, Dash and Double Jump – Classic action platforming controls are included in the game, so feel free to mix them up in combat situations.
  • Bow – To allow more variation in the main combat loop, we will add a long-range weapon to the available arsenal. Yi’s Godly Bow offers a powerful solution to any combat situation.

Enemies and bosses

Monsters are designed to test a player’s skill in executing the right move at the right time. Although it can be difficult at times, when players are accustomed to the above tools and grasp the basic rhythm of the game, the experience can be both satisfying and rewarding.

Prepare to fight an assortment of callous ancient guardians and gruesome creatures. Be patient, use every tool in your arsenal, and mix and match with Yi’s Divine Bow to defeat these larger-than-life characters.

The 9 Sols of New Kunlun are your ultimate challenge. Each boss has a different personality and unique fighting style, and it’s up to you to find the best way to defeat them.

A taopunk world

Almost every facet of the game has gone through countless iterations, from hand-drawn environments and sprite animations to world setting elements and story arcs. We had a clear goal of combining Taoism with cyberpunk, fusing sci-fi elements with Eastern mythology, but the actual process of doing that was difficult. The product of this challenge is the New Kunlun, our representation of a Taopunk world.

Different areas of New Kunlun are mostly interconnected, while each region has its own architectural style and environment. Explore and discover hidden secrets/treasures and put your platforming skills to the test.

The inhabitants

Meet and interact with NPCs to trade, receive upgrades, and gain new abilities. In this deserted world, it’s important to grab all the help you can get. Through conversations with these living characters, more background stories and lore are revealed.


Nine Floors features meticulously handcrafted anime-style landscapes and sprite-based animations, and mixes them with manga-inspired cutscenes. Each image is carefully drawn in a traditional style and we have taken great care to create the most eye-catching smooth animations.

Purchase and Upgrades

  • Skills and abilities of the meridians – By defeating enemies, you will gain experience, and once upgraded, Yi can receive permanent upgrades and learn new skills. These upgrades can be a game-changer, so choose wisely.
  • Jade and Passive Abilities – When equipped with jade, Yi additionally comes with different passive abilities. These passive skills could be useful in various situations. Harnessing the power of jade in your battles can bring you strategic advantages as well as other benefits.
  • Purchase and modification – In-game items can be purchased with Jin, a rare metal essential to Solarian technology. Jin is also used to obtain equipment modifications; for example, to apply an upgrade to Yi’s bow and ammo.

Sound design

The sound in Nine Floors will be unique and distinctive without breaking the immersion. With a setting that features both science fiction and Asian mythology, we aim to mix various traditional oriental instruments and vocal sounds with modern electronic synthesizers.

By fusing Asian cultural sounds with the narrative of the game, we hope to provide an enjoyable yet experimental aural experience for visitors to our Taopunk world.

Watch a new trailer below.