Kingdom Hearts 4: Who is Strelitzia?

Since the release of the first game in 2002, the Kingdom Hearts frankness is no stranger to confusion. However, at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, things seemed to have finally reached some semblance of cohesion, with some plot threads being completed, leaving room for a larger story to unfold. Now the trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV revealed there’s even more to discover, introducing – or reintroducing – Strelitzia, a fan character from the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ can remember.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 concluded, Sora seemingly lost his heart in a successful attempt to revive Kairi. However, as his friends spent their time looking for a way for him to return, Sora was left behind in an unknown realm revealed to be a place called Quadratum, a semblance of an afterlife that resembles a city in Japan. , complete with its own inhabitants. The one who greeted him was none other than Strelitzia, who stated that Sora had been sleeping for seven days. But how did Strelitzia end up in the same realm as Sora?

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Kingdom Hearts Union x Strelitzia
Kingdom Hearts Union x Strelitzia

Strelitzia was a Keyblade Wielder after the First Keyblade War and also the leader of a Union in Kingdom Hearts Union χ, which players could choose between when they started the game. She had an affinity for the player because she saw something special in them that she couldn’t quite place. During her introduction to the game, she followed the player around but could never muster the strength to talk to him and spark a new friendship. However, she also had more serious responsibilities to take care of.

As the Darkness grew in strength and presence, the premonition that the end was near became more and more prevalent. As a result, one of the Foretellers, Master Ava, designated Strelitzia as one of the five Dandelions, a group of Keyblade Wielders who would be taken off-world to maintain the purity of light and start over. She was also given a book of laws to follow from the Master of Masters. However, as the other four Dandelions met, she was struck by the pent-up darkness of Ventus (believed to be an early form of Vanitas), and her heart lifted.

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Kingdom Hearts IV Strelitzia
Kingdom Hearts IV Strelitzia

However, instead of suffering a death like the others, she instead took on a new form in a white cloak. She spoke with her brother Lauriam, who she missed very much and met her in her dreams. Near the end of the game, this new form of Strelitzia was taken by the Nobody Luxu and placed in a capsule to be taken to another time or place, as it represented a real dandelion. She then appeared next on Quadratum with Sora, but there’s no explanation yet on how she got there. That said, she and Sora both “died” in a one way sense and were taken to the afterlife. Therefore, if there is hope that Sora can return to his friends, there is hope that Strelitzia can too.

There is still much to discover, as always, when exploring the lore of Kingdom Hearts. However, if Sora was one of the most important aspects of the first arc, then the Lost Master Arc will likely feature a strong influence from Strelitzia. Or, at the very least, she could serve as a guide for Sora in a way that Namine was for Sora and Roxas. Nonetheless, it will be an exciting adventure to see how Sora and his friends can add another hero to their already large family.

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