It’s hard to say goodbye to Elden Ring

I finally finished my first playthrough of Elden Ring last week, which feels like a bit of an achievement considering I also suffer from a particularly nasty stomach flu. I just wanted to keep my head in a bucket, but the Lands Between beckoned me, and with the end so close, I had to keep playing in those nasty gaps between eruptions. The real challenge, however, was completing something that consumed my life for over a month.

I generally find it very difficult to concentrate on a single game. I get easily distracted, and my ever-expanding library of games provides nearly endless distractions. There was a cavalcade of enticing new releases, and all the old stalwarts, my online obsessions, trying to tempt me. But this time, I stayed the course.

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

The reason for this new level of discipline is simple: Elden Ring is really awesome. It’s the first game since Disco Elysium to really grip me like this, where I absolutely have to talk about it all the time even when I’m late.