How to Complete the Knight Bernahl Questline

Although completely missable, Knight Bernahl’s questline can save you some trouble in future boss fights. Here’s how to complete the Knight Bernahl questline in Elden Ring.

One of the toughest boss fights in Elden Ring is the Godskin Duo. This difficult fight will be found later, in Crumbling Farum Azula.

But the Godskin Duo boss fight and the Maliketh, Black Blade boss fight can be made easier with the completion of the Knight Bernahl questline.

Here’s how to complete the Knight Bernahl questline in Elden Ring and earn the Blasphemous Claw reward, plus other awesome loot!

First Knight Bernahl Location

You’ll first find Knight Bernahl quite early in the game, in the Warmaster’s Hut in Limgrave.

You should visit Knight Bernahl during the day, especially if you’re early in the game, as there’s a Bell Bearing Hunter that only arrives at night. It’s quite difficult, so try to avoid that.

Elden Ring Warmasters Shack Knight Bernahl Location

Talk to him, he will ask you a question. Choose the option “My faith holds firm”, and he will be delighted. He sells war ashes, so if you need it, you can buy it from him!

However, you will need to progress further in the game before you can progress in the quest.

Volcano Manor and Recusant Bernahl

For the next quest step, you will need to head to Volcano Manor. It’s in the northwest part of the map, in the Mount Gelmir area. Here is our guide on how to reach Volcano Manor.

Start the Volcano Manor questline by pledging your loyalty to the mansion, which will earn you the living room key. Cross the corridor on the right and take the second door on the left.

Elden Ring Volcano Manor Site of Grace

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Knight Bernahl can be found here, now known as Recusant Bernahl. Complete the first two assassination contracts for Volcano Manor and talk to him again. He will give you the Letter to Bernahlwith two targets for which he asks for your help.

Agree to do so and you can find the duo Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm in Leyndell, Royal Capital, east of the Altus Plateau. The invasion summon panel is near the fortified mansion, Grace’s site on the first floor.

After killing these targets, return to Volcano Manor. Talk to the reluctant Bernahl again and he will give you the Gelmir’s Fury sorcery.

Continue the Volcano Manor questline until you defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Return to Volcano Manor and speak to Recusant Bernahl again.

Bernahl challenging in Crumbling Farum Azula

You will need to progress even further in the game by reaching Crumbling Farum Azula. You can follow our guide to get there!

Here you will face the Godskin Duo. If you find the Dragon Temple Transept Grace Site, you can climb the narrow stairway to the boss fight to summon the Recusant Bernahl to aid you in the fight.

Once the Godskin Duo is defeated (unfortunately it’s a required boss), you’re almost done with the questline.

You are now aiming for a tower, where the end of the questline will take place, and where you can earn the Blasphemous Claw

Elden Ring next to the Great Knight Bernahl Bridge Location

Head to Grace’s site next to the large bridge. go up the stairs then turn left. Then head to the temple.

Once in the temple, go straight ahead and take a right. Go through the door and climb the ladder. The challenging Bernahl will soon invade you.

Bernahl Knight Questline Rewards

After his defeat, the Recusant Bernahl will drop the Beast Champion’s Armor Set, the Scepter of the Devourer, Bernahl’s Ball Bearing, and most importantly, the Blasphemous Claw.

The Blasphemous Claw is a big help in the Maliketh boss fight, the Black Blade, which is the next boss on your list to beat.

It allows you to parry some of its second phase attacks, which are usually unstoppable. Although it’s still a difficult boss, at least it will be a bit easier now!

Maliketh the Black Blade

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