How ‘Destiny 2’ Can Improve The Real Life Relevance Of Glaives

While I’ve had a lot of fun with my glaive since Destiny 2 had me craft it during the Witch Queen campaign, I can’t argue that A) really a single glaive is even pretty good, The Enigma, and B) the glaives aren’t endgame viable, or at least no better than their alternatives.

Destiny 2 is about to drop a big sandbox patch on us for next season, with some notes coming next week during TWAB, and hopefully there’s something in there on the swords, and how polished they are, ’cause they’re already actually been nerfed at least once this season with changes to remove the glaive. And speaking of glaive removal, this mod will go away at the end of the season, making glaives even less viable than before. Not ideal.

So how do you polish the swords? I will list a large number of possible options below. I don’t expect everything these suggestions to use at the same time, since stacking them all together would probably make OP glaives quite quickly, but it’s the kind of things I’ve noticed when using glaives that I’d really like to see changed.

Projectile speed – Enhanced Impulse Amplifier on The Enigma is the only reason I really use this thing, as the glaive projectiles feel terrible without this. This is how fast projectiles should feel initially, as there needs to be a dramatic speed boost for them without the need for Impulse (which can’t run on any other glaive at the moment).

No refills “Maybe that’s a bit of a wild suggestion, but maybe we… don’t need to reload the sword?” Reloading a melee weapon sounds fundamentally stupid in the first place, and we don’t do it with swords, so why glaives?

Melee Damage Perks – It’s still quite counterintuitive that so many damage perks don’t apply to actual melee glaive damage. Frenzy and Rampage should increase not only projectile damage, but also the actual melee damage of the glaive, which is not currently the case.

Melee energy – If we keep the shield and energy generation system, the glaive should gain at least some amount of energy on melee hits and kills. Maybe less than on projectile fire, but Something.

The Exotics – These three items require more or less top to bottom rework so that they are not the three worst weapons in the game. Charge energy, then reload, then switch modes, then fire a shot to activate a perk singular exotic is clunky and feels terrible. These absolutely need to be streamlined and geared towards the OP rather than being absurdly underpowered and illogical to use or waste an exotic slot.

Innate Damage Protection – While I know glaives have a shield that will allow you to get close to enemies that might otherwise kill you, it certainly doesn’t last long, and basically in high level content it’s just pure suicide d to be within “reach of the swords”. more often. Wielding a glaive should eventually give you some sort of base damage protection so that you don’t get instantly blown up the second you try to hit something. Swords have always had this problem to some degree measure, but swords are also heavy and don’t try to compete with fusions, snipers and shotguns.To make a glaive your special, it needs proper boosts to make it even a not very viable in the late game compared to other choices.

Look, I think swords are fun. I had a blast taking my Enigma through the legendary campaign. But part of that was with boosts like Glaive removal to make it more useful, and I haven’t used any of the other four Glaives in any meaningful way yet because Exotics are atrociously bad and Lubrae’s Ruin can’t launch Impulse Amplifier.

I’m just saying that I hope we see a big glaive buff section in the patch preview next week. Otherwise, we’re going to see a whole bunch of swords go straight to the trash as soon as next season rolls around.

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