Forza Horizon 5 Patch Adds Badges and Custom Races to Online Play

A new Forza Horizon 5 patch added badges and custom races to online play, improving Horizon Open and the game’s progression system.

Playground Games released a new force horizon 5 patch that added badges and custom races to online play, among other general improvements and bug fixes. The open-world racing game is among the highest-rated in the franchise, improving on previous iterations with technical innovations, improved graphics, and new systems for players to explore. It was released to critical acclaim, winning over critics and consumers alike by correcting some of the EnergyThe biggest problems of . Despite its success, Playground Games seems to remain committed to improving the game with continuous patches and content updates.

force horizon 5‘s Series 5 update arrived in early March, bringing a larger selection of props to EventLab, the PR Stunt Carnival to Horizon Stadium, and more cars for players to earn. The updates also addressed some player concerns, fixing bugs like issues with Photo Mode and Headlights. Notably, the Series 5 updates introduced sign language accessibility features to the game, supporting both American Sign Language and British Sign Language for over 300 cut-scenes. The update was a big step forward to make force horizon 5 the most accessible racing game. Playground Games had already provided other accessibility features, such as the ability for players to adjust the game for multiple forms of color blindness.


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According to the force horizon 5 Patch Notes (via Forza Support), the developers added badges and custom races to online play, in addition to various general improvements and bug fixes. Horizon Open now includes custom races, which allow players to match up with like-minded players. These players will now be able to set different race parameters such as IP class and race type, altering which race type they will participate in online competition. The patch also implemented a new progression system that includes badges that can be unlocked through gameplay. The progression system will apply to Open Racing, Drifting, Playground Games and Custom Racing game modes. XP earned on force horizon 5Horizon Open will now contribute to both the player level and the new Horizon Open level. Reaching higher Horizon Open levels unlocks various rewards on the Horizon Open tile.

Forza Horizon 5 Gets New Progression System And Custom Races In Horizon Open In Series 6 Update

Forza Horizon 5 Series 6 Patch Notes:


  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Improved save flow for Weekly Forzathon to reduce the chances of any progression loss
  • Updated string for Car Voucher to be more specific on what its function is
  • Updated seasonal event map pins to match the seasonal PR stunt pin
  • Fixed issue where the brake calipers would fall behind the car when shifting Tunes in Freeroam
  • Added HUD for cars with Race Mode type functionality to support the new Drivetrain swap mode on the Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • Added a low-res mesh below the world to improve visuals when world fragments fell from high altitudes, such as when using the new Gravity Action in EventLab (Series X/S and PC only).
  • Readjusted the aerodynamic effect of dirty air: The change reduces the amount of total downforce lost due to dirty air and improves the distribution of total aerodynamic balance when closely following another car. This effect is most noticeable when driving very fast with cars that produce a considerable amount of downforce.


  • Horizon Open has been updated with a new progression system that includes badges that can be unlocked through gameplay.
  • Custom Races have been added to Horizon Open, allowing players to find races for the race discipline and PI class of their choice.
  • Fixed some scenarios where the player could wait longer than necessary in the post-race flow.

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  • Fixed an issue where distant trees could appear black or very dark on the very low default.
  • Fixed crash occurring in Livery Editor when Ray Tracing is enabled


  • Fixed dent on Jaguar XJS220s
  • Fixed incorrectly offset brake calipers on the 2014 VW Golf R
  • The roll cage was incorrectly added to the Sports Chassis brace instead of the Race Chassis brace on the 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4
  • Fixed issue where one of the rear brake calipers on the 2020 Lamborghini Hurácan Evo could not be painted.
  • Fixed issue where the passenger side rear brake caliper could not be painted on the 2010 Lexus LFA
  • Fixed livery mapping issue with the 2018 KTM X-Bow at low LOD
  • Fixed silent superchargers on some muscle cars, notably Dodge
  • Fixed 2012 Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante hood not matching selected color
  • Fixed broken mesh on Work Emotion 11R rims
  • Fixed Work Emotion M8R rims not looking good with certain paint options
  • Fixed shift animation on 1968 Renault 4L.


  • Added Gravity Action to the game rules that allows players to manipulate Gravity on EventLab creations.
  • Added option to preview sounds.
  • When using manual gears, moved Blueprint Builder from the View button to the Route Options menu as it conflicted with Place Checkpoint
  • Fixed issue where players could softlock after an event and reload in Freeroam
  • Fixed an issue where playing your own EventLab creation after publishing could sometimes cause it to load without props.


  • Fixed issue with “The Completionist” accolade not unlocking under the right conditions
  • Fixed the description of the “Masterpiece” accolade

The patch is part of force horizon 5‘s Series 6, which drastically changes the game in many ways. The Series 6 update, also called “Horizon Customs”, is primarily focused on the Horizon Open and EventLab systems. It was announced that EventLab would receive a host of new original props, such as concrete and plaster walls, asphalt platforms, and neon containers, among other items. There are also new additions to the Game Rules, giving even more freedom to force horizon 5The career building toolkit.

The badges introduced in the Series 6 patch add more incentive for players to compete in Horizon Open games. Completing challenges or earning Horizon Open XP will award players with different badges, which can be displayed next to a player’s Gamertag. Badges are also visible in Horizon Life Free Roam, as well as other game modes, so players can share their achievements with friends and other runners. The progression system and new custom races are just other examples of Playground Games’ dedication to force horizon 5 and they are a good sign of their longevity.

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Source: Forza Support

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