Fortnite built towards no building for years

It all started with swimming. When fortnite ushered in its second chapter with the dramatic implosion of the game’s original island, it also added a seemingly small feature: players could finally swim. But since then, the shooter has slowly transformed by continually making the game faster and more mobile. It may have come as a shock to some during construction – one of the defining features of fortnite since inception – has been removed as part of the current season (although this is likely a temporary change). But it’s a change that’s been a long time coming.

Ever since players learned to swim, developer Epic has continuously added new ways for people to move around in the game. There have been vehicles like planes and cars, zip lines and launch pads that speed you up on the map, and even giant monsters that throw you into the air. Last season introduced two hugely fun new mechanics: one had you zooming down mountains at incredible speed, while another involved swinging through trees and buildings like Spider-Man. All of these things don’t stay permanently – I really miss Klombo’s clumsy monsters – but the ones that do have had a big impact on how you can navigate fortniteof the world.

The current season, meanwhile, is notable for several things. For starters, it adds sprinting and climbing, which when combined essentially allow you to cycle through sections of the course. fortnite Isle. There are also vertical zip lines to quickly reach specific high areas. When you combine that with all the other changes over the years, you get a game that’s evolved very quickly, especially when compared to the early days of fortnite.

Which brings us to construction – or lack thereof. The iconic feature has been removed from the game, although most players agree it’s likely a temporary change. For the uninitiated, the build has long been one of the most unique traits of fortnite. Players can gather resources and then build structures to reach high areas or create defensive barriers around them. It’s amazing to see the best players in the world build complex structures in seconds; there’s a skill called tunneling, where players build a tunnel around themselves so quickly they can go through it while being shielded from incoming fire.

It is very good if you participate in the World Cup. But for the average gamer, building isn’t just complicated – it can slow things down, as you have to pause what you’re doing to start building things. The most recent changes to the game, however, allow you to do many of the same things, but more intuitively. Instead of building a ramp to reach the second floor of a building, I can now sprint and climb. Instead of building a wall to block incoming shots, I now have a recharge shield. If nothing else, it will be very interesting to see how fortnite players adapt to these changes. (Regular players seem to enjoy the new mechanics.)

But the most interesting thing will be what happens when construction returns to the game. Rumors suggest that his absence will only last the first nine days of this season, which started on Sunday. It could therefore be a short-lived twist in fortniteis surprisingly long lasting. But, given developer Epic’s propensity for dramatic changes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the build looked much different when it returned or if its removal eventually became permanent. One of the things that has kept the game vibrant for so long is that it’s always evolving in new ways. A single update can have a huge impact on the overall experience.

The building is one of fortnitemost defining characteristics – but again, so was the island of origin.