Forspoken Realm Revealed: A Tour of Avoalet

Forspoken, Luminous Productions’ next title and this month’s cover, is largely set in the magical world of Athia. Unfortunately, the kingdom has seen better days, as rampant corruption has flooded the once prosperous land. The Break, as the Destructive Fog is known in-game, has the power to corrupt anything it touches. Humans become hostile and insane, animals turn into monsters, and even the earth itself takes on a bizarre appearance.

Although there have been several trailers for Forspoken, most of them take place in a dry, desert region. This land is just outside of Cipal, Athia’s last home for those unaffected by the Rupture. However, the world of Athia is actually filled with many variations, some of which we have recently been able to see. Just past the rocky fields and ominous fog is a region that the developers have revealed in a hands-on demo exclusively for game informant: Avoalet.

Flowering in the fog

Unlike its neighboring kingdom, Avoalet enjoys a flourishing and verdant landscape. The first area we saw in this country is aptly called The Water Garden. The name underlines the fertile nature of Avoalet while connecting to larger design themes. Creative producer Raio Mitsuno explains that each realm has a distinct identity.

“Avoalet is very blue and lush, with green, flowers and stretches of water,” says Mitsuno, “but the Break really ruined the scenery.”

This includes transforming creatures native to the region into crazed beasts. Moments after entering the kingdom, a pair of mutant males attack Frey. Their flesh appears to have been melted with molten gold, which leaves the golden animals in an artificial, web-like pattern. The wire mesh weaves past the black, lifeless eyes of the creatures and wraps around the viciously sharp antlers. It’s these edged weapons that we first see emerging from the thick fog as the stag rams into the game’s heroine. After a hard-earned fight full of dramatic magic combat, Frey continues to move through the murky new land . Eventually, the Break begins to thin out, revealing the striking landscapes of Avoalet.

Tall trees shade patches of vibrant flowers from a sunny sky. The scene is peaceful and contrasts sharply with the savage fight Frey just left behind, but don’t let the tranquility fool you. There are still dangers lurking around every corner. On a nearby cliff is an unopened chest. It is guarded by a flock of predatory birds, which emerge from the brilliant blue sky to attack the reckless Frey as she tries to retrieve the treasure. Quickly picking up the crafting components inside the chest, Frey flees using her magical parkour skills for an easy escape.

It’s quiet, too quiet

Despite the beautiful setting, the game still takes time to remind the player that the Break affected Avoalet as much as the rest of Athia. An empty cart, with craft materials still in its bed, is stuck in the mud. Crates are strewn around the vehicle, and it seems clear that someone tried to flee the coming corruption, only to abandon their possessions in a desperate moment.

“The conditions are harsh, the human drama and the problems are just as real as in New York even if the circumstances are exacerbated,” explains storyteller Todd Stashwick. “The stakes now for Frey are more than his own problems. It’s life or death for a lot of people. »

Just down the road, Frey finds a Refuge and Lutetia Guild location. These are places where she can learn about the world’s past, craft needed items, and add locations to her map. But she soon leaves.

land of righteousness

Avoalet, like every other region of Athia, is ruled by a Tanta, a magical queen believed to embody a distinct ideal. Tanta Prav, the Tanta of Justice, rules over this lush realm. However, Tanta Prav’s judgment was corrupted by the Break, turning her into an alarming referee with ruthless minions. As Frey reaches the Pont de Merveil, which leads to Prav’s court, she runs into about twenty unjust executioners. These Avoalet-specific enemies obey Tanta’s commands but don’t pose too much of a threat. Unfortunately for Frey, these enemies have a ruthless referee on their side.

The blindfolded, black-clad mini-boss holds a pair of scales in one hand and a fierce-looking ax in the other. Using one for magic attacks and the other for melee, the ruthless Arbiter is ready to execute a quick death sentence. The fight on the bridge is intense – in part due to the combatants’ distance above ground – but it’s not the last battle Frey will have to face before reaching the ruler of the land. The city of Gyuzel, riddled with enemies, and an abandoned castle town buried in the depths of corruption put Frey’s magical combat skills to the test.

After defeating everyone in the first location, Frey finds a blue cape with a description suggesting that it once belonged to the Tanta of Justice, whose realm is deeply tied to the royal hue of the garment. The cloak isn’t just for show as it extends the duration of Frey’s positive status effects, but it doesn’t add much to his defense. And Frey will need a strong defense when brought before the now-mad Tanta to face an unexpected trial for her alleged crimes.

We got to see the early hearing unfold, and we’ll be covering these intriguing story details as soon as this month of Forspoken coverage continues. However, if you want more info on the game right now, check out game informant‘s Forspoken hub.