Ford sales drop 17% in first quarter, hit hard by chip shortage

Ford reported a 17.1% drop in total U.S. sales from a year ago to 432,132 vehicles, according to sales data released Monday. The automaker saw a 23.4% drop in truck sales and a 5.1% drop in SUV sales.

Ford exceeded the overall sales figures predicted by automotive site for automaker Dearborn by 427,805.

The company saw a bigger percentage drop in sales than Stellantis and Toyota, but not as severe as General Motors. Overall, Ford sold more vehicles than Stellantis but less than General Motors and Toyota.

“The global shortage of semiconductor chips continues to create challenges for Ford and the industry. But keep in mind that the industry didn’t experience the same chip challenges last year as this. year,” said Erich Merkle, Ford’s U.S. sales analyst. the free press. “The F-Series had chip issues in the first quarter. However, we had a record 50,000 F-Series retail vehicle orders in March. These are people who go to dealerships and pass and order for the F-series.”