Everything you need to know about the 2,000 horsepower DEUS Vayanne electric hypercar

The world of propulsion is changing. We are slowly entering the age of the electric vehicle, as automakers begin to take on internal combustion engine cars on a global scale. What the electric revolution has also brought are many new companies at the forefront. Rimac would probably be one of the biggest players, and even Tesla has gone from a relatively niche brand to perhaps the biggest player in the EV world. Now, however, another company is rising and getting ready to present a pretty spectacular car to the world.

Enter Deus Automobiles and their epic creation, the Vayanne. It is an EV hypercar which they claim has an extraordinary 2,200hp. Absolutely up to what Rimac is capable of producing. And what the company has produced is a truly stunning car that is a true engineering marvel. With help from Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering, this stunning car could take the electric car world by storm. But what exactly are the details behind this amazing car? Now that the car has been launched at the 2022 New York Auto Show, let’s take a look at what makes this car work and everything you need to know about it.

The ins and outs of the Vayanne

Deus Vayanne Front Quarter View Hi Res
via Deus Automobiles

First of all, it’s not a car that will have great production. The company has already announced that it will produce only 99 units of this hypercar. So it’s going to be incredibly rare. Then there’s how the company is going to get all that power out of the car. For the moment, there are no specific details concerning the orientation of the electric motors in the Vayanne, nor their number. But they say the car will produce 2,200 horsepower with 1,475 lb-ft of torque. These are quite significant numbers.

Deus Vayanne Top down front view
via Deus Automobiles

Then there’s the performance all that power will bring. All in all, the car should have a top speed of around 248 mph. It’s not far from a Bugatti Veyron. While some cars can go faster, why would you need them? Additionally, the 0-62 mph time will be 1.99 seconds. It’s sure to make the Tesla Model S Plaid shake in its boots. That alone makes this car one to watch, when we finally get to see it undergo proper testing. The design is certainly also eye-catching.

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The design of the Vayanne

God Vayanne Rear Quarter View
via Deus Automobiles

The design is certainly quite striking. The company says the shape of the front and rear grilles are designed to represent the infinity loop. The grids themselves are parametric and convey a holistic approach. If you look at the design as a whole, it’s pretty clear where the inspiration came from. There are hints of the Bugatti Chiron and Lotus Evija throughout its exterior, but overall the car has the traditional form of a mid-engined supercar. An intriguing detail is the air duct configuration.

Details of the back of the Deus Vayanne
via Deus Automobiles

For each air duct there is another matching air duct to keep the style in line with symmetry while ensuring that the angles of the ducts are also geometrically aligned. The rear of the car is perhaps what looks most distinctive, with the shapes of the grille and the loop design. It is unlike any other hypercar or supercar currently on the market. That’s at least something Deus can say is a bit exclusive to their car. The front angle is quite striking, and certainly beautiful. But you don’t see a really radical design.

Interior check

Interior view of Dieu Vayanne
via Deus Automobiles

The interior of the car seems like a very nice place. Deus says that the natural leather is produced with sustainable and technologically advanced solutions, although we have no details on the exact nature of these processes. The smooth lines of the exterior are mimicked inside the car, and there’s a fully digital dashboard and control display that the company says will create the ideal mix of experiences. There may not be anything revolutionary inside the car, but it’s a nice space and it looks like it will be a very comfortable car to drive.

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Keep all promises

Side view of Deus Vayanne
via Deus Automobiles

The Deus Vayanne certainly promises a lot. He has tremendous power. It has clean lines and a very spacious interior. And it can accelerate very quickly and reach a dizzying top speed. Everything sounds so good right now. Lots of cars like this come and go, and they don’t always deliver on that promise. It’s a great opportunity for Deus to deliver on the promise of what could be one of the world’s fastest electric cars. We will have to wait a bit, until 2025, to find out what this car is capable of.

Source: Deus Automobiles

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