Elden Ring’s Character Designer Led to Cursed Creations

Few in-game character creators offer such depth, variety, and choice as that of Ring Elden. While FromSoftware’s titanic build has drawn criticism for its inability to truly accommodate POC players, it’s still ahead of the curve in its many choices. Its many editable variables and infinitely scalable range of settings have allowed many newbie players to shape their hero to look pretty much exactly how they want.

This being the gaming community, however, the massive depth and variety available to Ring of EldenPlayers have left the character creator open to the more creative members of the community. They were able to unleash their skills in the most impressive and sometimes disturbing way. While some have used their skills to perfectly replicate established figures of gaming and pop culture ranging from God of the warFrom Kratos to movie icon Samuel L. Jackson, others have chosen more esoteric, idiosyncratic, and somewhat disturbing creations to be their champion in the Lands Between. RELATED: Elden Ring Player Breaks the Game as Near-Unstoppable PVP Killing Machine

Shrek in Elden Ring

Ring Shrek Elden

Shrek has become ubiquitous in the cybersphere, his big green face distorted, replicated and rendered through decidedly disturbing memes, parodies and YouTube videos. Ironic or not, the cult of Shrek has become a phenomenon, albeit a deeply disturbing one. It’s no surprise then that, faced with a character designer of such depth and versatility, a faithful recreation of the swamp ogre was only a matter of time.

Shrek, along with Thomas the Tank Engine and Super Mario, has often been a favorite of the modding community, unceremoniously integrated into games ranging from GTA V, Chopped and of course, Ring of Elden himself. However, Mxnds’ recreation of the DreamWorks hero is far more impressive, and while Shrek’s protruding ears, as well as his gargantuan height, are impossible to replicate, the YouTuber truly captures the essence of the undisputed godfather of internet meme culture. . RELATED: 5 Things We’d Love To See In An Elden Ring Sequel

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Elden Ring

Ring Elden TMNT

If one were to think that reproducing a human-amphibian hybrid through the character designer for a dark fantasy epic was impossible, they would be wrong. While recreating the famous turtle half-shell should have been too complicated, even for Ring of Eldena suitably shaped turtle shell shield does the job to surprisingly authentic effect.

It would have been easy to just take a basic character model, take off its hair, and paint it green, but the detail put into Vahaen’s fluid quadrumvirate makes it look as close to actual turtles as possible. The above image from Albatross Airline captures the Redditor’s fantastic foursome in action, while online gamer Dopaminer’s demo of how to use multiple turtles for maximum effect is a hilarious and informative must-see.

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Handsome Squidward in Elden Ring

Handsome Squidward in Elden Ring Character Creator

With the possible exception of The simpsonsthere certainly can’t be another TV show that has spawned as many notable and beloved memes as the ever-shining Sponge Bob SquarePants. From Caveman and Mocking SpongeBob to Sleeping Squidward and Savage Patrick, the full range of human emotions can be expressed solely via images from Stephen Hillenburg’s long-running cartoon series.

However, perhaps the most popular among gamers is Handsome Squidward, the perfectly proportioned iteration of the wretched mollusk that appears in an episode of the show’s fifth season. Recreated in cosplays, memes and through other character creators such as Cyberpunk 2077 and SoulCalibur VIit was only a matter of time before Squidward’s stunning face, here recreated by a Twitter user named Dracula’s fetuswas lovingly rendered in Ring of Elden himself.

GigaChad in Elden Ring

Character designer of Elden Ring Gigachad.

The handsome Squidward may be nice to look at, but even he’s no match for the GigaChad. While Chad’s origins are a bit hazy, the meme has now evolved into a parody commentary on unrealistic expectations of so-called hypermasculinity and alpha-male perfection. Noted for his ridiculously chiseled jawline and phenomenal musculature, YouTuber Medroso has made his own Chad the ultimate tongue-in-cheek hero of The Lands Between.

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Thanos in Elden Ring

Thanos Ancient Ring

There seems to be something about big men with bulging jaws that the meme community just can’t resist. Even before making its full debut in 2018 Infinity War, Thanos has been a source of fascination, acclaim and, of course, parody on the internet. Fans love his big purple head and giant, wrinkled chin, a distinctive look that makes him the perfect candidate for a Tainted Souls-like protagonist.

Thanos has already appeared in custom character creators, from Saints Row for dark souls 3. However, Ring of Elden gives arguably the most comprehensive and in-depth take on the Mad Titan to date. As FXRain’s tutorial shows, if one simply removes the hair, sets the complexion to purple, and lengthens the chin, players are halfway to their own despotic, genocidal villain.

He-Man in Elden Ring

Elden Ring He-Man

Considering some of the other Abominable Creations on this list, it might not be so unusual to see everyone’s favorite muscular prince swinging his two-handed sword against the many monsters and bosses that populate the Lands Between. A number of He-Men have appeared as custom characters in Ring of Elden. The image above, posted by BeanieBuu on Reddit a month ago, is a great example of how to replicate the famous Prince of Eternia.

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