Elden Ring Varre Quest Guide

The Elden Ring Varré quest is easy to miss if you’re not used to exploring the Lands Between thoroughly. Like many NPCs in Elden Ring, the White-Faced Varré questline requires you to meet certain conditions to advance to the next stage. This is the only way to get the Bloody Finger item, allowing you to to invade as many times as you want, and it also gives you access to one of bosses sooner than you otherwise would.

You meet Varré at the start of the game, at the first Grace Site you find when you leave the Stranded Graveyard, but you won’t find him again until a bit later. Fortunately, Varré does not have as many steps as the Ranni Quest, but there are a few steps that aren’t clear, and you might get stuck trying to figure out where you need to go next. Here’s what you need to know to complete the Elden Ring Varré quest and how to get to Mohgwyn’s Palace without it.

rose church

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Varre Call of Fire Quest

Location of the Rose Church (Image credit: From Software)
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Varre Call of Fire Quest

Choice of the Rose Church. (Image credit: From Software)

How to find the Rose Church and talk to Varré in Elden Ring