Elden Ring players should avoid killing Blackguard Big Boggart

Players are reporting an important NPC in Elden Ring that would be best to keep alive and find before completing other quests later in the game.

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FromSoftware not only introduced gamers to its biggest world yet by Ring of Elden, but also filled it with a host of new NPCs and quests to find. However, while some players can be quick to fight and kill everything in Ring of Eldenthere are many NPCs that may prove more useful alive than dead.

Some players have specifically pointed to the Blackguard NPC Big Boggart as one that fans should be especially careful not to kill or let die, as he can be incredibly useful as a merchant early on. Also, her questline should be completed quickly, as she progresses far enough in Ring of Elden can prevent players from reaching the end of its mission and getting better rewards from it.


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The main reason for not killing Blackguard Big Boggart is that he sells an important item called a Boiled Shrimp right from Liurnia of the Lakes, just outside the Raya Lucaria Legacy Dungeon. These Boiled Shrimp and their improved Boiled Crab variant are a consumable item that will increase the player’s physical defense for a short time when eaten. For players having trouble beating Ring of Eldenthese consumables can be a huge help, as they can do combos or one-hit kills that are slightly less deadly.

In addition to Boiled Shrimp, Blackguard Big Boggart also has a questline that can take him from Liurnia of the Lakes to the outskirts of the capital, which unlocks the more powerful Boiled Crabs. This mission must be completed before completing Volcano Manor and defeating Ring of Elden‘s God Devouring Serpent, however, otherwise the quest will no longer be available. For this same reason, players should at least wait until Blackguard Big Boggart has arrived at Capital Outskirts before killing him for his gear or the bell roll that grants access to his merchandise to the Twin Maiden Husks.

Together with the questline and upgraded Boiled Crabs tied to Merchant Survival, this makes Blackguard Big Boggart a unique Merchant who shouldn’t be immediately killed unlike most other Merchants. Considering that merchants can be grouped at Twin Maiden Husks, killing nomadic NPCs for their bell rolls has become a regular occurrence to make it easier to purchase items. However, Blackguard Big Boggart is proof that all Ring of EldenNPCs should be killed on sight to help simplify the exploration and purchase process, although most can be killed with little consequence.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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