Elden Ring players become death traps

Ring of Elden players pull off all sorts of crazy shenanigans, beat it in under 30 minutes for unlock content cut by hacks. They are even destroy bosses with elegant ease, something I wish I could do. But thank you fans of the latest FromSoftware souls-like, I may have found my new favorite strategy for winning: rolling non-stop, hedgehog style.

The game has equipable items called ashes of war, which you can apply to weapons to change their stat scaling or give it a different weapon skill. It’s cool and underlines the magnitude of Ring of Eldencustomization options. By replacing the weapon skill or stat scaling already present on your preferred weaponry, you can tailor it to your character build. Love that sword you have but hate its weapon skill? Swap it out and just like that, the sword may work better for your playstyle.

That’s what I did with one of the two uchigatanas I have. This also seems to be what other players have done after finding the hilarious Shattered War Ashes called “lightning ramas evidenced by the antics of Twitter user tylxx.

Tylxx posted a clip of themselves participating in Ring of Elden PvP, although I wouldn’t call it ‘participate’ as much as ‘dominate’ since the other player literally couldn’t move after Tylxx landed his initial blow. In the clip, Tylxx and a crime co-op just spammed the lightning ram weapon skill, rolling around like a bladed hedgehog – or one of the weird Ring of Elden rams – until the hostile player is completely dead. It’s funny but obviously unfortunate for this other player, with Tylxx and their companion posing in the most animated fashion possible afterwards to add salt to the wound.

But what makes the ram so broken? found after kill a teardrop beetle on the Atlus plateau, the movement envelops you in lightning as your character bleats like a goat, curls up into a ball, and rolls like tumbleweed. It deals high damage, only consumes a little focus and stamina, and can be performed repeatedly without pausing. More than that, the lightning ram has a high priority, interrupting most attacks in PvP and making it deadly against online players.

Tylxx said Kotaku on direct messages that he and his friend had become frustrated at being swarmed by other players and decided to cheer. But then his friend came up with a weird trick…

“As far as the story goes, the only thing I would like to point out is that me and my friend [PP in the video] were getting a little frustrated with the invasions and all the ‘OP build’ nonsense that people were using,” Tylxx said. “Usually people would invade when we blundered and shot us with the Erdtree Shield pre-patch. Absolutely no fun at all. We made it our mission to at least give people a memorable experience when they invaded us, and given the reception the video received, I think we accomplished that.

Tylxx’s short clip might be one of the most popular examples of a Ring of Elden player rolling for the win, but he’s certainly not the only one out there. Tons of people are using the lightning ram with great success, kill tough bosses like Malenia, Blade of Miquella and destroying a disturbing number of online players.

To be honest, I love and hate it. It’s silly to see people choose to ride for victory instead of engaging in honorable one-on-one fights. But while I can laugh seeing poor sap absolutely bludgeoned by bullets Ring of Elden players, being the recipient of this probably sucks. Again, apparently the Tylxx player was demolished in the video found the ass hilarious. It might be more fun than it looks.